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Hi I had been using cbd oil for a few months. Now it didn't stop flare ups but inbetween I seemed to be doing quite well - bearing in mind it's sometimes hard to tell whether something is working or you just happen to be doing better anyway. Any how due to finances and my pip being stopped I stopped taking it a couple weeks ago. Since monday I have been having the most horrendous flare up which isn't getting any better, where normally it would settle a bit after 3 days it's just as strong as when it started.

My question has anyone taken cbd oil and then stopped and seen a major increase in pain? I'm now thinking maybe it had dampened down my nerves a bit and now its worn off my pain is through the roof! X

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Yes I was the same i couldnt afford it for a while and I felt the same way my pain was worse my mum bought me some the other day as I was bad an now less pain an can move around also got a good night's sleep an i wouldnt know if it was the sleep i needed its hard to say I'm going to ask my doctor about it as he knows i was vaping cbd oil an was fine with it I hope your feeling better soon take care xx

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Thankyou for your reply - that's interesting that you felt your pain increase too. Thankfully my parents have given me some money towards another bottle. I hope it continues to work for you, if only it was available for pain on the nhs xx

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I agree as it is expensive xx

I asked your question on my CBD group. 2 answers came back...hope it helps

This will happen as the cbd would be reducing the inflammation on the nerves. The cbd and an anti inflammatory diet will really help with this condition

I also find as you live with pain you kind of get used to it and don’t really notice so much as it gets worse. Then when that pain is gone for a while & it comes back it can feel a lot worse cos it’s straight back in the deep end. I hope you get some relief soon x

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Charlie-36 in reply to Bananas5

Hi Bananas5 Thank you for your reply. That is really helpful and makes a lot of sense. Yes that's exactley it - it's like a shock to the system when you get a really severe flare! It really messes with your head Xx

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Have a look at why you might be getting a flair too.

We all say..Oh i wasn't doing anything yet when you keep a diary or similar it shows differently!!

Just a thought.


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Oh yeah I think it's an accumulation of being quite active (for me) all last week so it's definitely a factor x

Hello duc iv heard about ta when you stop it yr pains can become worst I'm thinking about trying it myself I'm on lots of meds does it affect any of them when yr on cbs oil I was abit worried about ta I no its not cheap I'm abit tight where money is concerned but if it helps me il try it just wondered hope yr pains calm dwn duc take care glor xx

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