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Feeling fed up 😢


I have had fibromyalgia for 4 years now, I recently had some blood tests done from past experience they are never normal my crp &esr are always raised , I received a letter a month later as liver function was abnormal & also recommended to take vitamin d & calcium, I have had a repeat test but still abnormal so waiting to have a scan the doctor said she had seen it in children caused by fructose having to many healthy drinks & fruit , but I’m so worried I’m 51 and menopausal and get bad nausea and take a lot of pain relief which I read can cause problems, any body else had this x

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Hi hope your mood lifts and you get some good advice and scan goes ok have a good day


Hi willgina03 nice to meet you, sorry your suffering so bad at the moment . Hopefully when your GP has all your test results back they will be able to get you on some medication that will help with your problems especially your pain. Are you taking medication for your Fibro at the moment ? Maybe you can speak to your doctors again and let them know it is not helping the pain.

It sure does not help been menopausal as well been there done that you have my complete understanding and empathy with what your dealing with at this time. I hope you continue to post here this is a great support system and our lovely members are second to none as i'm sure you know been part of our community :) I hope you have a pleasant evening and please keep us updated xx


willgina03 in reply to Dizzytwo

Hi momo yes I take lots of pain relief for my fibromyalgia it’s a rollercoaster hopefully having a scan with in a few days I will keep you posted x

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