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Having a gastric bypass in 2 weeks

Wondering if anyone on here has had this? The reason I ask is it is difficult discussing with some others I met at the pre op assessment none of whom have fibromyalgia and the chronic fatigue and pain. I am told how important it is to exercise afterwards ... and there was a guy visiting the unit who had it done 11 months previously and runs 2 miles 3 times a week. It's rather daunting as (to give some context) I had to take a full time job 2 years ago and it was so stressful I put on a lot of weight very quickly and ended up with a tonsillitis and shingles and have been off work the past 3 months.

Thanking you in advance

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Hi yorkiefan,

Sorry you're having a difficult time.

I don't know much about gastric bypass to be honest but I'm sure there is someone here who does know more about it and can hopefully put your mind at ease.

Take it easy and if you just want to have a wee chat anyway, give me a wee shout as i'll be about the site.

Take care,

Mags 😁


Hello yorkiefan ,

I hope you find proper support and advice about your future surgery. You are very courageous to have it done. Are you definite that you have exhausted all other possibilities to lose weight ?

I ask this because I believe the side affects of the operation can be hard to cope with and the surgery cannot be reversed in most cases . I believe that depends on which type of bariatric surgery you go for?

Your body will be deprived of essential nutrients following the op. I know it helps prevent type 2 diabetes but it is not without long term risks.

I am not trying to put you off surgery . Just take time and make sure it is right for you? I believe we all have the capacity to make changes to our life style and eating habits which would lead to weight loss without surgery. But, I know this is such a personal choice, Nothing is a quick fix? it all takes effort and time.

This is a subject close to my heart as my husband died of obesity related illnesses at the age of 42 (20 years ago). He was never offered weight loss surgery but had developed diabetes.

I also have a 25 year old son with severe social anxiety who has used eating as a comfort blanket. His bmi is 40 plus , he has fatty liver and is pre diabetic.

He has managed to lose 17 kilos in weight in the last 7 months with tweaks to his eating and being more active. Also less access to the all night takeaways of his student days helps. But he has plateaued recently but he has maintained his weight and not gained, which is an achievement in itself.

Our sense of self is so tied to what we eat and why, that I think doctors should allow people access to a course of counselling as well as the usual dietary advice of move more and eat less? I wish it was that simple? Whatever you choose? Make sure it feels right for you and don't be rushed into deciding?

Good luck and best wishes xx


I would really like to get it done myself. Do you know if you have to have a certain amount of weight to lose to get approved?

Best of Luck! 😊


Thank you for taking the time to reply. To answer some of the questions yes I have thought long and hard. Before my current job I worked part time and was able to keep my weight under control, but (as I explained) I had to take a full time job and it was nothing as expected, many issues and masses of extra hours. I have been looking for another job but very hard to find one in my profession that would be better for me. I did tier 3 input for over a year b4 this - input from dietician and also a counsellor and this input at least helped to stop my weight increasing. I am though not depressed, anxious etc but caught with an excess of weight and cannot exercise (as I always did b4) as all my energy is taken up trying to survive in my job. If I couldn't work I would lose my home. I am fully cognisant of the potential problems but some happen if u don't follow the post op advice. The gastric bypass (a specific bariatric surgery) can be reversed.

I was considered for it as I had a BMI over a certain number plus another issue (fibromyalgia and a hip replacement several years ago). I needed to do the tier 3 support first and for some that is sufficient. Access to these does vary area to area.

Regards all


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Hi yorkiefan

You sound very determined. I hope all goes well for you. I think the journey to weight loss surgery can be a long one as access to 3 tier help is variable depending on your local provision? How long did it take to access the 3 tier help?

I suppose the best starting point is a good relationship with your gp?

I have multiple health conditions that limit my ability to exercise and lose weight too. I understand how difficult it can be.

Has your surgery been agreed in principal? They seem make people jump through hoops to be eligible . Provision is very limited , I bet it was a long time coming? Perhaps you are better at managing the nhs than me?

Good luck xx



I had a gastric bypass in May 2017. To date I have lost just under eight stones, I have various conditions including fibromyalgia and struggle with very bad lower back pains and arthritis which limits my mobility. It took a total of almost 3 years before getting The surgery. Yes there are considerations such as having quarterly B12 injections, drinking fortified milk to ensure you don't develop calcium deficiency and medication for your stomach acid's but overall I found the experience very beneficial for me

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Hi spzgirl51 - I have it booked in in just under 2 weeks, but yes it took a long time to get to this point. My GP agreed to put me forward to tier 3 but the organisation my nhs authority use weren't very organised so it took longer with them than it should have. I needed to get approval from my dietician and counsellor to take me to their team for final approval to move to tier 4 ie the op. I waited 6 months for the hospitals multi disciplinary assessment and having passed that also then went on the waiting list for the op which has taken 5 months.

Shazzap12 - I would really like to talk further with you about your experiences post op and any tips or advice you might have. As you say there is an ongoing need for the b12 injections, vitamin pills and regular blood tests to check. But the gains outweigh it all. The bariatric nurse at the hospital told me that a colleague says "you exchange one set of problems with another" to explain that it needs work afterwards to be successful .... the problems you get though outweigh the problems you lose.




I would be more than happy to talk with you. Do you want to send a private message and I can give you my number


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