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Bifemural Bypass 2 years later the Pain has returned

I've had 2 corrective surgeries to fix my Iliacs,a couple of months ago i started experiencing Pain,it has gotten worst and worst,and at this point i cant go groceries shopping without the use of a wheelchair because the pain is So Hard to deal with it that i cant walk at all!

i have arteriosclerosis but the doctor said my feet are getting enough blood...however the pain is the same..Not sure what to do...

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If you have seen the GP and the pain is as bad then you need to ask for referral to a specialist - depending where the pain is that might be a podiatrist or might be an orthopaedic specialist or even rheumatologist - if unsure explain more about where the pain is and what it is like and I will try to suggest which specialist you might ask to be referred to.


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Thanks for your reply.

They told me that My Bifemural bypass would keep me pain free for an average of 25 years.Sadly it has been almost 3 and i feel the same amount of pain that i had "pre-op",with an added numbness starting on my hip and going all the way down to my Calf muscle,this on both legs.I recently had a stroke which did not help the cause although i made a complete recovery.

Right now its very hard for me to able to go see a doctor due to the fact that i have no insurance because of the fact that i was declared disabled by the doctors so no one will hire me to work...i tried getting insurance but I've been on the US for only 6 years so i still am not eligible to collect any type of benefits,i been a legal emigrant since the moment my plain landed here in the US and i still cant get any help.

My diagnose was arteriosclerosis and sciatica nerve damage


Hi Pedro,

I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain & distress. If I understand correctly you have had a bypass of your Femural Artery because of Arterial Sclerosis? Now this Forum is for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, and we may not be the right forum to offer you advice. Can I also just mention that we are not Drs. Or Health Care Providers, only people suffering with Fibromyalgia.

Could I suggest that you make an appointment with your Dr. And discuss in full all your concerns & worries.

I truly hope that you will get help and understanding with your pain and concerns.


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oh upss...My bad..i was just looking at the "health unlocked" Sorry people posted on the wrong place =)


Hello again Pedro, no need to apologise, it's an easy mistake to make.

Hoping you can get your problems sorted out. 😊

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Thank you.

Have a wonderful week!


Oh I am so sory, I did not realise you are in the US. Of course, that creates the major problem and there is little advice I can give you regarding it...

I was going to say it sounds like sciatic nerve damage, how painful for you, that really does hurt. I sometimes get sciatica but it must be very hard to cope with frequent pain of that kind.

I can only send you gentle hugs and hope your pain eases at least some of the time.

Sue xx


Can't you get obamacare? Have you talk to your local DHS they might be able to help you.


I take Celebrex for pain in feet and hands. I got to where I couldn't walk or pick anything up the pain was so bad. Doc put on it and it is helping with pain. I also have PT twice a week at home. Lyrica helps me a lot to.


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