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Filling in PIP form

Hi Everyone New here

just received forms for pip, totally lost on how to fill it in, my condition is NSIP a lung disease, just completed chemo to suppress this condition and going onto Mycophenolate, which acts the same as chemo to stop this disease progression? The pip form is mind boggling cannot get ESA was told it is Means tested? Has anyone one got any suggestions how to proceed, currently signed off work, My Doc has suggested medically retiring? I’m only 52?

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Apply for the contribution based ESA which you’ll be entitled to for 12 months, this is awarded on the basis that you have worked and paid national insurance. Can’t help with PIP forms I’m afraid as haven’t completed them, but there will be lots of good advice on here x

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On the contribution esa based if you get in the support group you stay on it as long as your in the support group


Hun , see if you can find yourself a Welfare Rights Officer in your town or nearby. mine helped me fill in my forms and was wise on what to say and what not to say...If its just an odd question you are stuck with go over to right side of page under PINNED POSTS and clik on currently trying to claim esa/pip hopefully you will get some help.


Welfare rights or citizens advice or any disabiliy rights group will guide you and help fill in form on your behalf. They spend so much time these days applying for benefits they know exactly how to word these applications, all the best


Hi TBush and welcome to the group :) First may I say you can lock your post if you wish to do so. This keeps all your information private to this community only. This link will show you how to lock this and future posts


We do have a wonderful benefits advisor named janet I will add a link here i'm sure you will find it helpful.


Our sister site may also be of interest to you it has a wealth of information why not take a look.


If we can help you with anything else please ask our Admin are only too happy to help if and where they can. Please enjoy the rest of your day :)



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