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Filling in PIP form by typing answers

Hi everyone I have terrible pain in my hands so cannot write properly When I received my PIP forms this year I decided to get my husband to type answers then stuck them in using pritt-stick They were accepted so for everyone struggling out there like me this was a Godsend Also you can add more to your answers if needed I kept waiting for the forms to be sent back advising me that this wasn't acceptable but it didn't happen Hope this helps everyone xx

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Good to know! :) It is much easier for a majority of disabled people or chronically sick to type, so glad they accepted it OK. You are now on the waiting game, same as me ....eek .... around 5 weeks is the estimate I believe :)


Well I renewed my PIP because they say if you get a change in circumstances you have to tell them so I did and had to go through the whole saga again What did they do THEY CUT MY ALLOWANCE DOWN AND IM WORSE What are you saying have things changed in some way ?


No change - just commenting on this members post that they typed and printed info as hard to write & it was processed fine.

Don't think this was change of circumstances just the periodical review, but yes you are supposed to let them know if your condition changes. I can understand yoour problems with it all , as many say it isnt working properly especially when you hear news of people not getting benefits that clearly it is obvious that they should be!

Have you gone to Mandatory Reconsideration or appeal? Members have found talking to the FMAUK Benefits Advisor helpful or even consider Fightback4justice maybe?

More info here >


Hope you are able to get the benefit award you deserve soon :)

Emma :)


Hi Emma Yes I done every thing right as this was my second time round, and yes I called them gave them a bo —-ing Yes gone for re view and provided more evidence I told the truth done the right thing I walked in with help there was a young girl who seemed sympathetic but she gave a thumbs up report told them I was fine when Iv got worse As Iv said walk in dressed as the mummy and your be ok Tell the truth and your ok 👺


If you go to the CAB they will fill them out for you


I do similar. I have my illnesses typed up in a word document. And. Prnt it out n attach it to form pages. Saying "see attached" i add to it often so that when renewal time comes i send the word doc i again. My mind would blow filling in those long. Questionnaires in one go. I date it each. Time i go back to it aswell.


Yes I know Mdaisy my son got his today he has Down syndrome and Austin and is severely mentally disabled but you always have this doubt in your Heart Will they believe in what I haven't written ? There is no sugar coating this disability I was involved in a terrible accident when I was 21yr my fiancé was killed instantly A junk lorry shed its load on top off our car a shop freezer fell off on top of our roof It was sanwhiched to the ground i was thrown under the dash board as my fiancé asked for a hug seconds before this happened and that saved my life but I had horrific spinal injuries 3 bent vertebrates in my neck Spinal injury in lower back It took the fire brigade 3 hours to cut me out All my organs in my body where so badly bruised and bleeding I have had the DLA for life I was so annoyed that I had to go through this all again and I just felt that people who are going through such pain need to know this can be typed and stuck onto form So it's a waiting game now like you I want to wish you all the best in receiving it xx

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Yes I believe you can type them now Remember when you go for your interview make as if it’s your worse day I’m telling you they look at everything you do so be carful it really hard to get the points you need to get a benefit And don’t let them trick you they now ask how far you can walk it minuets not meters If you say three minuets you won’t get any thing so say one minuet Look at it as if your the mummy of that old film I’m telling you they have no feelings these people


Yes I did this. Those answers where it was just a couple of words or sentences I wrote but for anything longer I used a separate sheet of paper with my name, national insurance number and the number of the question. At the end where there is that blank bit where they ask if there is anything else you want to say I told them why I had done it egthe pain and stiffness in my hands and how poor my writing was now. The poor assessor was probably grateful as some days my scrawl is nigh on under. It is also a good way of emphasising hand and dexterity problems.x


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