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amitriptyline 10 mg withdrawal cold turkey after 13 days and now i have intrusive thoughts has anyone else had this

Hi my name is Katie ,

I was put on amitriptyline 10mg for back problems 3 years ago but it was causing me horrible side affects so the hospital told me to cold turkey off them .

I did this and went 4 weeks off it but started having intrusive thoughts and feeling low so the me tap health team decided to put me back on it .

after 13 days back on it I was really poorly again and my heart and breathing went funny so I was told to cold turkey again so now I am on day 7 cold turkey and I have all these intrusive thoughts again and feeling low with increased anxiety .

I was just wondering if any one else has cold turkey off amitriptyline after 13 days and if so how long till you started to feel better.

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Hi Hun, sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment with withdrawal effects. I was also on amitriptyline for back problems and was advised by pain clinic to come off it due to the side effects. However, I was told to come off it gradually due to having potentially bad withdrawals from it. So I came off it over a 6 week period but even that caused a few problems. However, I am now successfully off it. I’d say it took me approximately four months in total before I felt like I didn’t have the effects of it. I can’t believe the hospital told you to go cold turkey off them. I personally think that was quite irresponsible of them, not to mention a complete nightmare for you.

I hope you start feeling better very soon Hun. Please take care of yourself xx


Hi hun thanks for your reply ,

yes I was told to cold turkey cause it was causing me to have heart problems and my left arm and chest was going numb .

also was causing gerd and tummy problems

fingers crossed it will be over soon . and congrats for being med free xxx


Oh no, I’m not surprised you were told to stop it so quickly then. Bless you Hun, I hope your withdrawal symptoms stop asap.

I’m not med free altogether though. I’m still on other medication as I have a benign spinal cystic tumour and that’s what caused me to have fibro. I’m in constant pain although the medication takes the edge off it most of the time. Nevertheless, the cold weather and lack of sleep amongst other things can aggravate my symptoms. Take care Hun and gentle hugs to you xx🤗

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Imagine poor bod n bonce a bit confused. Cold turkey takes nerve n your advisers lost it. Now taking again. Need to have a plan n focus on sticking to getting off drugs that no longer work. Remember these drugs work on the brain so no wonder you are struggling. Don't panic, don't act on crazy thoughts no matter how compelling, rather talk them through with someone who understands what you are doing and you trust. Wake up call when drugs turn nasty hey? It will pass. Meanwhile, no playing in the traffic! Ok?


I was on 25mg of amytriptiline for 30 years. I came off cold turkey and was ill for six months with horrendous side effects. Then just as I started to feel better a different dr said I should never have been told to go cold turkey after so many years on it. I’ve been off it three years now and would never consider going back on it even though I’ve been asked to. I’m so much better without it’s side effects.


Are you doing all this without support from your gp or practice nurse?? many of these meds "mess with your head" and so shouldnt be stopped/started the way you are,, Why Amitrip hun?


I weaned myself off Amitryptilene, by spacing my doses farther and farther apart, also cutting the tablets in half as I got lower. Worked for me. I hate this drug, as it always gave me dreams of being on the toilet; with predictable results. Nortrityline works better for me.


Thinking of you. Take care & get all the support you need from us here. We all care about each other. Hugs!



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