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My mam

Hi guys well Iam a full time care assistant have been for over 5 years..but my mam baffles me...had issues with depression ect when i was young so..talking 20 years plus..had injury to her neck some 6-7 years ago..has very h bp so on rampril.also gabpentin.amitriptline.citalapram.but now has a hernia..also has spells of sickness..and stomach probs in general??

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Hi there Ali1234567 and a very warm welcome to our great support group :) I see you have not locked your post you may like to do this to keep what you post here private to this community only and not the world wide web. By locking your post it may help generate more replies. This link will show you how to lock this and future posts.


I am sorry your mum is suffering but may I ask you what about her illness is baffling you ? You did not say has your mum been diagnosed with fibro ? Have you tried talking to her GP about your concerns. Does your mum feel her health issues are getting worse or is this something you feel yourself ? If both you and your mum feel concerned and her health problems have become worse for her to handle, maybe a visit to see her GP to update them on what is happening may be a benefit to you both. Maybe her medication needs re checking to see if it is still helping her or if a change is needed. Only a doctor would be able to tell you that xx



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