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CFS side of fibro out of control

Hi all,

Dies anyone have any great ideas on helping the CFS side of fibro, it us so out of control its stupid x

Example ....i had 1 hour out in electric wheelchair and was rendered so useless that I had to come to bed and then slept for 17 hours only waking only for my meds ... Then had something substantial to eat straight back to sleep for another 10hours then for the next few days hardly able to lift my head but managed to stay awake for a few hours at a time a although unable to do anything more than sit !

My glucose readings are fine t2 diabetic... my Cortisol levels are doing well Addisons disease...

The Fibro well as we all know its an up n downer each day different.. Which heavily affects my moods which in turn effects the plain levels!

Anyone anywhere ideas please!

Thanx guys Peace out

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Really sorry but I have no brilliant solutions to this problem; I have been looking for them myself but all my blood tests came back fine 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope you manage to work something out hun but know you aren’t alone ♥️☺️

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Hi banjo have you had tests for M E at all ??? Some people have been diagnosed with both m e and fibro together, the symptoms are very similar I know chronic fatigue is a big issue they say you sleep for long periods but you don't feel refreshed at all . Have you mentioned this to your gp lately xx


Thanx all who answered my post .

I had tests for all sorts of things, but the other diseases I have are not helping matters I guess. I have been back n forewords to docs etc but noons seems to be able to help!

I guess its a case of acceptance that I just cannot do the things I used to be able to do.

I've battled against it for so long...when I'm awake and alert ( that's a rarety) I just try to keep going but I'm at the stage of just having to stop myself as I know I'll pay for it by Being useless for days afterwards... Very annoying more than anything else!

Anyway thanx all for thoughts it I'd nice to know I'm not alone xxx




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