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Sciatica is killing me

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It all started about 9 months ago when I first began to feel a slight pain radiating down my leg from my hip with every step I would take. The pain remained the same up until about a week ago where my leg was in excruciating pain I can no longer walk stand for more than a couple of mins and even then I am in agony. I went to see my GP and as usual they just fobbed me off with some painkillers naproxen and some Movelat gel which neither are releasing any of my pain. I spend most of my day in bed occasionally getting out to walk around for 5 to stop myself seizing up. I get hot baths throughout the day alternate ice patches and hot water bottle which give some relief but not much I use a sciaticalm device that I was recommended I don’t really think this is doing anything. I have tried stretching my leg which usually makes my leg feel worse. I have never had depression but this is making me feel worse and worse everyday. I can hardly sleep on a night this is when I find my pain is at its worst. I am dew to go on holiday tomorrow on a 4 1/2 hour flight which I am sick to the stomach thinking about the pain queing up for long periods and then sitting for a long period on the plane. I am only 18 years old and I now walk with a hunchback and look about 80 it’s embarrassing. Has anyone tried using crutches to get around and does this help? I’ve also previously been to phsyso and had sports massages and this has done nothing. Can anyone also suggest how you can persuade your GP to send you for a MRI as I have also been told that some forms of sciatica eg Piriformis syndrome can be helped with stretching whereas if you have a herniated disc you should avoid stretches and this can aggravate the nerve further.

Any advice would be helpful thanks.

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For sciatica it's a good idea to get someone to show you the stretches that will help. But you must invest in doing them 5times a day for 20-30 minutes each time.

Have you tried acupuncture for pain relief? Or tens machine?

Best to try to keep mobile.

Good luck! ☺

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Sciaticasos in reply to moo196

First of all thank you for the reply

I have been shown certain stretches from a physio but every time I try to do them it seems to flair up my sciatica. I was looking at booking a session with a osteopath when I return from my holiday but i shall also look into acupuncture if this will give me some sort of relief.

Thanks again

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I bought a cheap tens machine off amazon £15. Best thing I ever did. May be worth a try. Hope you get some relief soon.

If you have mobility problems airport assistance will get you through security down to the gate and usually board you first. Then get you off and out through departures at the other end. Info will be on web-either your airline or airport ( not sure).

I find the first exercise they have in the NHS choices page for sciatica exercises helps me the most to take that terrible she off the pain. Also a Tens machine might do the same. It was sciatic pain which first sent me to see a private acupuncturist as I was desperate for some relief again it took the terrible edge off. I wish GPs realised how painful it can be and that you need to know what is causing it for it to be successfully treated. Hope you manage to enjoy your holiday despite this. Don't envy you the journey but hopefully the complete rest in a different environment will do you good.x

I’m so sorry to hear that, I’m also suffering from sciatica. I’m currently seeing an Osteopath privately. The Osteopath can ask your GP to send you for a MRI scan, or you can pay for one privately. Many Osteopaths also do acupuncture and some will combine both in their treatment.

The danger of crutches and back pain is they can unbalanced you and also cause pain in the shoulders and hands. Having to use crutches because my walking is limited, doesn’t seem to be helping. Hope you are able to enjoy your holiday. x


Try looking on utube will find your answer.

Good luck and all the best


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