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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, my name is brenda, I have been recently diagnosed with fibromalgia. But originally I was admitted in to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Various test were carried out and it transpired that my mitral valve is not closing properly. Now I still get pains in my chest all the time, but I know my hearts arteries are clear. So I been told that fibromalgia can cause Problems with chests and hearts. Has anyone else been told this

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It's called costochondritis

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I've heard of this but the doctor said it doesn't last long but I have still got pains not as severe as the first time. My heart beats fast it's called sinus teaching something it means my heart goes fast know I'm waiting for a CTPA on my lungs to check my asthma once they die that the hospital said it would be worth putting me on better blockers


Yeah it is my arm got pin and needles and my chest tight and the pain was intense


Thank you for your concern


Hello bfegan

Sorry you have been going through this and I hope things improve for you soon :)

From what you have said it sounds like you have been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, see link below for more information;

I don't necessarily think it is associated with the Fibromyalgia per se, however it seems research has been done to look into the prevalence of MVP in those with Fibro, see below;

You mention you have sinus tachycardia and are undergoing further investigations for this. I would consider mentioning this pain to the Drs as any chest pain should be discussed with your healthcare professional. However, it could be highly likely it may be Costochondritis as I and many forum members have this condition alongside Fibro, see link;

Hope this helps :)

Emma :)

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