Just joined today, any advice?

Hi all

I have just joined today after being told yesterday I have Fibromalgia.

I am taking 500g Naprosyn which helps alot but I still get severe painful, exhausting bouts when I do alot of physical work.

My GP says to try to work out how much Naprosyn I should take, lower or increase the dose then to go back to him next month

What additional treatments or specialists should I be looking into in the future?



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  • HI Kurtis, and welcome to this friendly supportive sight. Were you diagnosed by a G.P. or a Rheumatologist?

    You don't say what area you are in, there are a lot of support groups out there and some hospitals run courses on Living With and Understanding Fibromyalgia.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    Hugs x x x

  • Just a GP so far and I am in Kent , UK


  • Hi and welcome. Everyone I talk to seems to taking different tablets. Its all about finding some that works for you. Just take one day at a time, and try not to over do it.

    Take Care


  • Thankyou for your support


  • welcome to the best wonderful place for fibro understanding place in the world xx it nice to have you

    There are many different tablets so it is hit and miss but please ask away

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Thankyou for the welcome and info


  • Hello and welcome to our lovely forum KingKurt! Great to see you here! The advice we give really depends on whom you have seen so far, your GP or a Rheumatologist or Neurologist?! If you have only seen your GP, then normally the next step is to get a referral to see either of the aforementioned Consultants. You would then be fully examined, have blood tests to rule out other conditions, and then you would hopefully have your diagnosis and move forward from there. If you have already been down this route, seen a Consultant, had your official diagnosis, then your medications should help you. If your pain isn't being managed well, or perhaps you have sleeping problems etc., then perhaps your medications need either increasing or changing. Please don't alter the doses yourself though. It's a bit trial and error at the beginning, you will probably try lots of different tablets before the right combination is reached for you to gain maximum benefit. You could also speak to your GP about the possibility of a referral to a Pain Clinic or maybe attend a CFS Clinic to teach you pacing therapy, also maybe there is a local support group you might like to attend. Hope some of this is of help to you. Take a look around, and any queries etc., we will always try to help and support you in any way we can. Take care. :) :)

  • Thanks for the info especially the CFS clinic - never heard of this before


  • Here is some information on Fibro and its treatment:


    Naproxen is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug, so as such, it's not really a treatment for Fibro as Fibro is not inflammatory.

  • Hi Lindsey

    Yes, I was prescribed Naproxen a few weeks ago before the final test results were through and I was diagnosed with Fibro

    thanks for the link


  • Thankyou one and all - very nice to get such a great response

    I have only been to my GP so far and been given all the tests that they can do so I guess I need to proceed onto a Rheumatologist or Neurologist next and get some appropriate meds

    By the way I am in Kent in UK

    cheers - nice to feel that I am not going mad or suffering on my own

  • Good to have you here with us Kingkurt! You are most certainly not alone, we are all in the same boat here and aim to help and support each other as best we can. :) Hope you've managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine today, it all helps doesn't it :) :)

  • Yes I had today off because the thought of being on a roof today was freightening as I have alot of discomfort. Hopefully I can manage to get out of bed in the morning and feel a little better


  • Hi KingKurt and welcome!

    I have to agree with Lindsey on this one, Naprosyn is an anti-inflammatory and not an appropriate medication for Fibromyalgia, as it's not an inflammatory condition.

    I think you need to go back to your GP as soon as you can. Go to the link Lindsey gave you, print off the page with the medications on it and give it to them when you go. Ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist, who will be able to tell you whether or not you actually do have Fibro, or, whether it is something else. Ask for a referral to a Pain Consultant at the same time, because they will be able to get you on to a Pain Management Course. The waiting time can be up to a year for the course, but well worth the wait.

    In the mean time, if your pain is really bad, I would go and talk to the Pharmacist in your local chemist and ask their advice on what non anti-inflammatory analgesic, would be most helpful in their opinion and buy some to keep you going.

    The thing to remember is to take any meds regularly, because it's no good stopping because it's feeling better. If it's any kind of chronic pain like Fibro, it's only feeling better because you've taken the meds.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    happy hugs, kate, :)

  • I will be speaking to my GP again tomorrow afternoon

    Thanks for the imput Kate - much appreciated


  • I was going to say I agree with the above, be careful with Naprosyn - it's often cited as not being suitable for everyday use - can have a lot of unwanted risky side effects in longterm use. I was told not to take more than 10 a month although this may be because of my severe migraines :) Plus like witha lot of meds with everyday use its efficiency goes down the drain a bit....you may see what I mean with time. Hope your GP prescribes you something more suitable for everday use for fibro. Hugs from a fellow newbie! Purpleblossom xxxx.

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