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Hi, has anyone been told they have candida overgrowth. My nutritionist believes it is the cause of my fibro, stomach probs, itching skin, allergies to food and fatigue.

Has anyone else been down this road?

Have you had any experience?

Doctors, many, have been unhelpful for years and I am wondering if I should just accept my fate and stop looking for a cure.

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Hi there, i am not sure what your nutritionist has based their findings on that would mean everyone who suffers with fibro would suffer from candida overgrowth and this is not so. If the answer to why we suffer from fibro was as simple as candida I am sure the riddle of why we all suffer would have been known long before now.

While I readily accept Candida overgrowth can be the reason behind itching,allergies and even tiredness people who do not and never have suffered with a candida problems still suffer with fibro. To be honest I personally would take that theory with a pinch of salt I am sorry to burst your bubble of hope of it been a cure for fibro {{hugs}}

Mo xx


Hi, yes, makes sense doesn't it.

Just wish I could find an answer as no one else seems to be able to. Thanks for replying.

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I have yeast infections all the time. Have tried numerous meds and homeopathic and nothing works. Ive stopped asking about it to my doc because no one seems to care😔


Hi, not just me then. I don't think the doctors really know, only that we would take too much of their time to try and get the the cause of our problems.

I have been on a very strict diet for 6 months and have seen some improvements but seem to have got stuck. I will have to continue to follow what my therapist says and live in hope.

I guess the longer I have had it, the longer it will take to feel a lot better.


I don't think many GPs have any interest in looking for the 'root cause' of any chronic conditions and are only interested or have the expertise to treat with medication. I've been reading a lot lately about Candida and the link with fibro by Dr Joseph Teitelbaum. Another interesting link to Fibro and autoimmune thyroiditis may be SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I haven't managed to get my head around a serious diet yet but think I may see some improvement - the problem is that the diets are so restrictive and usually don't leave much that you can eat and it's also a problem when you cook for others or eat elsewhere.


Hi, yes, I have been finding similar suggestions in research but don't feel confident presenting any of this to the doctors for obvious reasons.

I am now so restricted in my diet anyway having to avoid salicylate and histamine that removing all sugar foods wasn't such a step too far.

I am so fed up feeling bad i will try almost anything reasonable

I have just researched and ordered Horopito capsules that my nutritionist recommended although I am nervous to take them as I react to so many things.

Re meals, I have had to adjust and my husband is quite helpful eating meals I can cope with.


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Hello E3178, I would agree with your Nutritionist. Candida when out of control is far far worse and damaging than the GP things. It is very difficult to get rid of but paramount that you do. I would strongly recommend the Dr Leon Chaitow book on Candida - he has it spot on, its a real eye opener.

Best wishes


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Hi, yes I bought that book about fifteen years ago and have just reread it again.

Have just ordered the yeast connection by Dr Crook that my nutritionist recommended. She says although it was written some years ago she thinks it is still the best one.

I know that ridding yourself of candida is Impossible and not advisable but I just need to get it under control and then monitor it.

I have seen definite improvements in my nails.

They were always one third white and lifting away from the nail bed, the same with my toenails.

My bodily pain has also gone down a notch along with restless legs. Am now waiting for the chronic itching and difficulty with food to improve.

Not giving up yet. Thanks

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Glad your keeping postitive, it is very hard to get it back under control, I have been following Dr Leon Chaitows advice but because there is so much food you shouldn't be eatin - it feels impossible especially if you are a gluten free vegan.

It 's only now starting to calm down because I am now following the heal your gut diet by Lee Holmes

Are you deficient in Zinc?

Good luck



Hi, gluten free and vegan!

I thought I was bad enough gluten is a problem and dairy including eggs. I switched to yolk only of duck eggs. Found I was ok on half of one then tried a whole one including a bit of the white and ended up in the loo after painful gripes and the inevitable!!!

I used to eat a bit of kelp everyday but understand that it is classed as yeast and mold so have left it off for now. I believe this keeps up the zinc intake.

Perhaps I should find another supplement.

I know I do suffer with leaky gut and was told this about fifteen years ago by an MD in Spain ,(lived there for ten years) who believed in alternative medicine and said he had it also.

Unfortunately he now lives in New Zealand.

There are various remedies for leaky gut but they all need me to ingest the things that I find don't agree with me.

It's not too bad at present as my fatique issue is in remission. I have returned to yoga, Tai chi, and a bit in the gym.

Having had this candida for most of my adult life (74) starting from many doses of antibiotics to treat on going thrush and cystitis in my 20s and a mostly stress filled life. Recently more antibiotics for something different seems to have worsened the candida again.

I will look again at the leaky gut and try some ways to help it.

Thanks jill


Glad things are improving. Our situations sound simillar - I was told when I was nineteen that I had leaky gut but told it was perfectly normal and nothing needed to be done - How crazy that sounds looking back on it, If only I hadn't listened to that fool I know It would never have got to the stage it has now with all the mounting aliments. That was actually the time i got Candida and never got rid of it, life was all very stressful back then.

Yoga is wonderful isn't it, relaxation is also very important in the healing process.

My vegan diet is through choice, but Gluten certainly is not : <

I hope things continue to improve

Best wishes



Hi, good to know there others out there who empathize.i don't bore friends or family and find it embarrassing to visit friends with my food problems. They probably think I make it up or need to find something useful to do.

In fact I recently had a good friend live with me in Spain when she got dementia.

I was her only carer as my husband came back to UK to find us a cheap place to live knowing she wouldn't live too long.

We waited until after she passed away and then moved back.

It was the hardest job I had ever had to do, physically and mentally.

If 'doing something useful' was going to be a cure for me, it didn't work!

Hope I feel good enough for yoga tomorrow as I always feel better after.

Wish you well jill


Hi E3178

I think I may have a candida problem and when I can afford them take Yeast Raiders which makes my symptoms better, however I think it is a sweeping inaccurate statement for your nutritionist to say it is the cause of Fibro. I do believe if you have candida it can make fibro more difficult to live with as many Drs are beginning to connect the brain to the gut and th new research particularly focuses on the ‘microbiome’.

I would definitely consider keeping up with the Candida diet if you feel the symptoms are improved but to call lifestyle changes that help control symptom experience is far from a cure in my humble opinion.

I wish you well and do keep us updated on how it goes

Emma :)


Hi, yes, totally agree. I don't think there is necessarily a cure, just controling the symptoms seems the best we can do. Jill

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