its been a while but I'm back so here is an update on my life

Its been a while since I have posted anything and its been a very difficult last few months. A lot happened with not sleeping to having ambulances called out for me!!! however through out it all I have managed to continue to live my life. Although I have struggled with my fibromyalgia I have now finished college and work full time in a job that I didn't even I would be able to keep doing with the late nights and heavy lifting etc.

Sorry I know its a bit of a ramble and I know its late and I should probably sleep, however I know there is still so much I need to learn about my condition and how to deal with it more effectively.

I am always looking for some advice, someone to exchange life experiences with or to just give out some advice that I may have.

I guess I was lucky as I was diagnosed when I as 16, but I never had anyone my age who understood, so want to continue to give a different perspective on fibromyalgia for those who feel like no one will understand

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  • An inspiration to us all finishing college and working lovely to read your positive post you said you were 16 diagnosed how old are you now ??? Hope you got off to sleep eventually think it's lovely to help each other and learning all the time I certaintly have in the last 4mths I joined xx

  • im 18 no

  • Hi JBell - Congratulations on getting that far in everything. This disease has so many faces and we don't always recognize them for what they are, but all of them are pretty mean. You sound like a very determined young lady and the only thing I can think to tell you is to take care and just remember to get lots of rest and be kind to you

  • Congratulations on graduating college and getting a job. Not always easy, even without fibro and extra challenging with.

    You sound very positive, and long may that continue.

  • Look how far you have come!! Congrats x

  • well done hun- a real fibro warrior- there are some younger people on the forum its just a matter of finding them, maybe if you ask Mdaisy she could point you in the right direction. good luck, dont work too hard.

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