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Why change my medication to something more addictive?


hi \i,ve just joined and am happily on zoomorph 30 twice daily gabapenen 300 mg 3 times day and 300ml per week of oromorph but i have more nerve pain as degenerate disc squished nerves together so my doctor has put me on fentalyn which is much more addictive why not justincrese zoomorph. Ant answers would be appreciated. Thanks


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fentanyl patches?


If they are patches it may be to avoid digestive system and the constipation problems strong pain killers cause taken orally.


My constipation was just as great with Fentanyl. It's absorbed into the bloodstream and slows down the progress of food through the gut.

I would guess the your doctor woukd like to try another medication as possibly the zoomorph was becoming less effective. I hated Fentanyl but others find it very good.

Your Oramorph was for breakthrough I assume. Was that 10mg/ 5ml ? About 4 doses a day ?.


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Spot on with oramorph doseage! Find it effective as well.

On 40 MST twice a day also.

Have tramadol and co coydymol as well.

Have ambien sleepers but don't use as ineffective.

Think augmentation has set in on morphine and body adapted to it.

Want to ask for more or different pain killer but hear stories of people having there's away! What are other people on? Also have spinal problems, RLS and soul of foot pain.


Good Lord wilmacat what a cocktail!! you sound like you seriously need a medication review, I.m surprised you can function mentally with all that in your system, do you have a neuro doc? I assume other pain relief is for fibro? Fentanyl alone should be enough for all pain really, try to get a mediation review hun I.m sure you could cut out some of the meds.


Goodness, that is a lot. Never had zoomorph or fentanyl, and have a prescription anti- inflammatory and double your dose of gabapentin, plus otc cocodamol. I couldn't function with that much oramorph - use it primarily just at night and 2.5 ml is enough to knock me out. A 300ml bottle lasts me at least a couple of months. May be worth talking to your doctor - if it's nerve pain you could increase the gabapentin rather than the opiates? But really it's a matter of what works for you and that balance between pain relief and side effects.


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