Swollen sore thunb

My right thumb has a swollen lump on and around the knuckle. It throbs especially after I have been using it. Any ideas what it could be? Just another area of pain!

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  • Oops meant thumb!

  • I have similar. I use movalat on my thumb joint with good results.

  • I just took another look at the post. Haha

  • Lol! At least we can still laugh. Anyway, thanks for advice. I'll try to get some movalat. 😊x

  • Most of my fingers and toes are now like this very painful I would say it is OA it tends to start on the small joints like fingers and toes xx


  • Oh no! That's all I need. I have really bad buttock and upper leg pain. At least the thumb is distracting a bit from this. Why do we all have to suffer so much pain? Hope you have had a relatively good day. X

  • I guess it's just how life is for some of us. OA of the small joints is very common painful but it will ease up xx

  • Thanks. Today I can cope because I am not overcome with fatigue. When I bend my thumb there is a swollen lump below joint. But really I can cope with this - I've had much worse days . I do hope you are ok today. Are you? X

  • I'm fine thank you for asking xx

  • It isn't right that anyone should have to live in pain. Never give up, there are things that work, the trick is getting the right thing that works for you. For me it was Tart cherry juice and Gabapentin and Tramadol. The combo worked where nothing else did. 15 years to discover this, I wish I had found out earlier.

  • I'm on Lyrica but I don't think it does my pain any good. Still to discover something but I've only been at it for 5 years so I'll keep trying to find something that eases the pain.

  • You can kill two birds with one stone by applying ointment to the thumb and inserting it into buttocks. You will have instant relief!

    Only kidding, but you can sit on a heating pad and apply ointment to thumb. Sounds like you may have pressure on your sciatic nerve as it runs down from the top of butt to your foot. It can lead to some severe pain when it is compressed.

  • Ha ha! At the moment my butt is aching. Just had my tramacet to try to ease pain a bit. Then my attention will move to my thumb. The joys of living with fibro! I hope you are feeling not too bad just now. Thank you for chatting. It helps. X

  • I forgot to mention that I am also on Tramadol 50mg three times a day....it has been 12 years. Sure I am addicted but the choice is that or pain. I tried the Lyrica and the Cymbalta and they didn't do much.

  • I now rely on tramacet in evening big so wonder if I should take in morning as well. Might make my day more bearable. If it works , I don't care about addiction!

  • My hands move around. At the moment, it's the left thumb. I don't have arthritis.

  • I'm glad. I don't think I have either. Fingers crossed! But it's very sore!

  • Not too crossed 🙂

  • Hello mcglada0

    I have a lump on my wrist that is painful after repetitive strain.. it's a ganglion. You can get them on any joint, information below;


    It could be that it might be something like this, but it might be worth considering mentioning it to the GP

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

  • Thanks Emma. I think that it could well be a ganglion. I hadn't heard of this before you mentioned it. Will mention to my GP next time I visit. Hope you are feeling not too bad just now. X

  • A long time ago they use to bang a ganglion hard with a book. That's completely true. Ouch

  • The encyclopedia of medieval health care 🤕

  • That will be a good book for me I am medieval now lol

  • I think Donald Trump has one on his head....send him this cure! I'll even volunteer to carry it out.

  • Could be heberden's nodes I have this on a few of my finger joints more noticeable on my two thumbs something to do with arthritis they stop me bending my thumbs and can be quite tender 🌻X

  • Thanks . Sounds like that's another possibility. Hope you are not in too much pain just now. X

  • You can get these cut out if they are restricting your movement to much. Not in much pain you get used to pain and it becomes the norm its the fatigue that kills me the most. Best thing to do is show the gp and get a definate diagnosis. Take care 🌻X

  • Yes I'll show GP and see what he thinks. I totally agree with you. It's the fatigue that's so debilitating. We get used to the pain up to a point but the exhaustion is something that we can't keep going with. I hope that you are managing to pace yourself just now and avoid too much fatigue. Hugs x

  • I had a ganglion in the top of my hand fr 5 years then it just disappeared one day,weird :0)

  • Weird but good ! 😊

  • Yes it was good as it was big and quite painful :0)

  • how do you remove them if you get one on your nose (sorry must be my meds ) xx

  • Oh dear! That sounds nasty. Is it painful? I hope you are not in too much discomfort. X

  • Hello mcgladaO thatwas meant to be a joke. xxxxxx

  • Oops - I really must have lost it! ( my sense of humour! ) lol! X

  • well you have found it now, we have to laugh sometimes xxxx

  • I had one that was between by hand a d wrist. It restricted movement and was very painful. I had an injection I can't remember what it was but it worked. After about a month it vanished. It never came back. That was about 15 years ago.

  • I'm so glad that you managed to get yours sorted and have had no bother since then. Hopefully, doc will be able to do something similar for me. Thanks fir sharing your experience. It makes it so much easier to deal with pain when we have the support of each other. X

  • Strange I sent it how these things just appear.my nice doctor, when I had a nice doctor! Was telling me years ago they used to slam a big book in them to get rid of them lol x

  • Probably a cortisone injection to take down the inflammation.

  • My thumbs have been touchy and sore for years. It might be part of fibro, arthritis or carpal tunnel tho I've never had a swollen lump. I do have severe carpal tunnel and Fibro. I also have a swollen sore area on my big toe....for years and it never changes. I can't raise it like I can the other big toe. Both feet hurt due to Fibro and have hurt so badly that I can hardly walk, and hands that I can't search my purse. This was years ago. Now better due to pain meds. M.A.

  • So glad pain meds are helping you. Sounds as if you gave a lot of psi in hands. I think fibro makes hands stiff and sore but this lump might be something else . Who knows! I'll get it checked as it has kept me awake during night. X

  • I wear a special glove at night and raise both arms on pillows and it has kept my carpal tunnel at bay for 10 years now. The alternative was surgery and I don't like it.

  • I would just get it checked out with your GP hun; as always worth just making sure xx

  • Thanks. Going to do that as was throbbing all night. Appreciate your concern. X

  • :( hope it feels better soon and your GP has some answers 💗

  • I have this on three fingers. Pain comes and goes. G P says arthritis.

  • Ask your GP for some anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDS...they work wonders. Just make sure you mention any kind of stomach problems. He may want to prescribe both an NSAID and an acid reducer or blocker.

  • Thanks. I went to GP today and she said to rub in ibuprofen gel 3 times a day. So that's sort of same as what you are saying? I'll give it a go and hopefully pain will subside. She said it's not caused by the fibro but the fibro will be making the pain feel worse! Good old fibro! X

  • I take Gabapentin for fibro and it really worked wonders for me. I started at a low dose and now take 300mg three times a day and I'd say it is 90% better. I also drink tart cherry juice 3 shots a day but they also sell it in capsules. It has an anti inflammatory effect. This combo saved me. I used to wake up with everything hurting. Now I sleep better and life is so much better. You just have to find what is right for you.

  • Hi I have had this over the years since was in my 30's. My GP told me years ago it was Heberdens nodes a kind of arthritic bump on the knuckles which was painful in my thumbs. He said in my case I was probably overusing my hands with constant housework and I also used to knit and play guitar ,all these repetative movements constantly seem to cause it. I have found that the swelling and pain in my case does get better if I am able to ease of from overuse of my hands. Hope you get relief soon x

  • That makes a lot of sense to me. I am noticing that my thumb really aches when I am using it, particularly overusing it! Also it then throbs at night. Thank you for sharing your experience. X

  • No probs ,it's the constant use and if you are still working it could be due to doing the same thing constantly i.e. answering the telephone or writing constantly. You should get some ease if you try not to overuse your fingers though even using the computer affects my hands and neck at times. I always say Fibro hates anything repetative! X

  • I think fibro just hates anything! Moving, resting, reading, thinking! Lol! But I think this thumb of mine definitely is averse to work! X

  • Somedays I feel I will turn into a statue ,you are so right as everything you do affects the dreaded Fibro lol! rest those hands when you can! Good luck X

  • A lot of people get this from doing certain repetitive movements like using thumb for texting etc. Applying a cool compress or bag of ice to thumb and any over the counter topical pain ointment should fix the problem.

  • Maybe osteoarthritis??

  • Would that show up in blood tests?

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