Fibro -a disability

By the definition given in the Disability Act -Fibromyalgia is a disability and recognized as such, and just because the signs and symptoms aren't visible to every one else doesn't make it less so,we therefore under the Equality Act are as entitled to help as much as anyone else, doctors ought to be aware of this--it may mean things like modifications to your home or working environment doesn't always have to be claiming an allowance,worth discussing with your doctor.

Sorry getting to tired to concentrate.

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  • the trouble is trying to prove it, as I found out at my dla tribunal

  • hello thank you i didnt even know its a disabilty. i of ill at moment .

  • can you post the link to this bit of the Disability Act. I can print it out, tape it to a large brick and go beat people over the head with it!!!!! Nice to know there is something that says its not all a bad dream

  • hope the links help

  • Sadly, its not the illness you have that counts, its how that illness affects your dsaily life. I have FMS and can hardly walk, need help to have a shower etc but I knew a lady who said she had the same condition but she worked in a shop during the daytime and serving in a cafe in the evenings. Same condition but how it affected us both very differently.

  • yes that is so very true it is not the term of fibramyalgia it is the way it affects our lives and like you say one da we can one day we cant do things that is so it is avery fine line on this to be on love to youy all diddle x

  • sorry I don't know how to do links maybe some one else can help--but a disability is a condition which is long term and affects your ability to carry out day to day normal living,so you are correct Ebony, I started with this 30 years ago and wouldn't be classified as disabled then ---think I would be now---it depends on the severity of the problem--- the point I was trying to make is that it is not the condition but how much help you feel you need--and to start to put help into place you need a doctor to say you are disabled.

    Thanks Lally for link---disabled doesn't mean you give up -just you need more help or things put into place to allow you to cope.

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