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Frozen shoulder

Yey at last I found something to ease the pain in my shoulder/arm even though it makes me feel sick but rather that than the pain ...slow release morphine ...had the tablets for something else in my cupboard so tried that I got 5 hours sleep at last would of got more of my damn neighbours above me slept and didn't have people around god inconsiderate people wishing I lived in a bungalow ....

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Morphine and fentanyl can make you sick.

Are you waiting for your physio?


I can't get an appointment for Dr again until 6 September ...maybe he can give me a tablet to take the sickness away ..physio didn't help me with my back so doubt she can help with my shoulder ...I will just plod on as I am .X.

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They may give you an anti emetic like metaclopramide or cyclizine for example to help


Neck and head pain make me feel sick. I take Stugeron, which are for travel sickness. One tablet dissolved in my mouth works every time. Better if you can get something on prescription but they might help in the meantime. ( my GP is reluctant to prescribe anything)


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