Issues this morning 17/08

some of you will see that certain posts have been made that are asking about the admin team. I would rather deal with peoples concerns by pm, partially for confidentiality but mostly for ensuring I can address peoples concerns properly.

This morning I am the only admin on the boards and am not even meant to be volunteering today but think it is important enough. I would like to clear up a couple of things:

- Certain posts have been locked

- Patrick had PMd an admin to resign so this was enacted and I have pmed him to clear this up and will try and resolve

- Some members had caused the admins tremendous bother and abused them so I came on board to help out and relieve the strain and work with HU to stop the abuse which we managed

tulips has just been restricted as they were spamming the forum rather than responding to my pm. Hopefully I can resolve their concerns and un-restrict her

just to be clear throwing your toys out the pram is not going to help anything and this community is important for people with fibro. But if the other admins are not about and I cannot manage it myself then I may need to ask HU to suspend the board if that's possible so that we can get things resolved.


Des Quinn

FMA UK chair

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  • there are about 3 posts that are locked and soox replied to another post elsewhere. So if it not these posts then it is an HU issue and not admin related.

  • Thank you for posting this to clear things up. I hope everything can get handled without too much stress for you, as it is your day off.

    I think things can easily get misconstrued online without context and tone of voice, people can think something that isn't.

    There are a lot of wonderful people on here and so much help is given here, it would be sad if it had to be temporarily shut down.

    Good luck with your issues, sorry we have been such a bother.

    Take care××

  • thanks naturalnikki for you kind words. I am a volunteer as chair but this unfortunately is not a day off for me. I should be sorting out peoples computer issues in my day job at present.

  • Hi I have returned to the forum today after a long period away to be baffled by a huge number of posts regards admin and ill treatment of said plus other members. I have no idea obviously as to the reason this all initially flared up. I have passed comment on what I have read. I am saddened by the furore that is going on. I hope that it can be resolved quickly and that the for can get back to normal. As you say and am sure most of us agree. This is not helping,nor is it pleasant for anyone xx

  • I think we should leave it to those who run this forum to sort it all out and not get involved about things we know nothing about, even those of us who are on here EVERY day don't know what's gone on behind the scenes, less said the soonest mended or I'm afraid they will close the site.

  • I trust this is a general reply to situation ongoing

  • What else?

  • Merely that you indicated your presence on here EVERY day and given I mentioned I had returned after some time away and was sad and disappointed. Your post followed mine so was merely seeking clarification it was a comment aimed generally towards all as a whole. Thanks :-)

  • My post followed yours as yours was the last one on here LOL. This. matter obviously concerns every member on here so is addressed to everyone in general.

  • mydexter, I find it easy to reply to the wrong post on here so I suspect this was just a case of that.

  • Actually I wasn't replying to a particular post desquinn , I was just posting in general as I said it concerns every member on here my reply just happened to follow jfks post

  • I truly hope they don't 😢 Xx

  • I'm with you Blue52 😢 xx

  • Thanks Bambamsnan xx

  • And i am with you both on that what would I do😢

    Trace xxx

  • I know Trace 😢 Xx

  • me too girls...Nurse Gladys

  • Me too Blue52 , I'd miss you all 😃

  • I'm going to 😭. I don't like this. 😠

  • Me too. So many lovely people here. A lifeline really.

  • In case anyone was wondering what was happening if they weren't here, a lot of this is my fault. I'm am very very sorry 🖐

    Harper xx

  • Nope it wasn't xx

  • Yes want to say 100% behind you and will do all I can to reply to post when able

  • Desquinn Morning I have not been on the site for some time however, can I be of any assistance you seem to have quite a small number of admin.

    If I can help in any way do send me a PM best wishes GINSING !!!

  • thanks for offer I will be in touch by pm.

  • Thank you Desquinn for explaining the situation, I do hope the forum can be kept open, but I do understand that you have a day job which needs to take priority. I just hope this forum can return to the happy and supportive place it used to be soon.

  • thank you tedsmum, I did not imply that consequence lightly and it would be the very last option but the forum is for people to support each other and not the wild west. It may take a bit of time but I am sure we will have our admin team up to full strength again and things running smoother.

  • Good morning everyone. Wishing everyone well and sending out lots of positive energy and love xxx

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