Osteoporosis Project get involved

Hi Guys at the moment the Osteoporosis society is launching a new important project. to find out about fragility fractures and their impact on peoples lives.

I know quite a few of us suffer with osteoporosis amongst our lists of other things that can affect our daily lives.

So help them by taking part


till end of June 2014



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  • Evening All I realize we are not here to talk about our other maladies. I wondered if we

    could achieve a better balance of our own control of Fibro through assessing how the extras make us more exhausted than necesary

    I am disappearing for now but as kruger says I will be back Gins

  • I've just done the survey x

  • Hi gins,

    I did the survey but it only asked me a couple of questions as I do not have Osteoporosis, and neither does my wife.

    However, it is an interested topic and I do have DEXA Scans every couple of years because of my Prednisolone use.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi gins

    Thank you for bring Osteoporosis Survey to my attention as I have had Chronic Osteoporosis since my early 30"s, so will definitely do the Survey!

    I hope you are keeping well?

    Many Thanks

    Sending positive, healing energies your way

    (((Gentle hugs)))

    Lynn X PS It is so good to be back on Site, I"ve missed you all!

  • It is great hat you are back with us!

    Take care

    huggs (very gentle ones) xgins

  • Hi I will do the survey,my mother has got osteoporosis and didn't know she had it until she broke 3 bones in her back which as left her serverly disabled kim x

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