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Smartphone app specifically for fibro launching this week!

Hello everyone!

For the past 18 months I have had the privilege to be a beta testerfor a new app tthat has been specifically designed for fibro... By people who have fibro.

It's actually many apps in one as it does the following :

-tracks pain location, types of pain and pain severity

-tracks fatigue and mood

-Flare up button

-Medication tracker with alarms

-Sleep Tracker

-Other symptoms tracker

-Follow up section so you can see if anything has helped or made your condition worse

-Journal (which I have found to be very cathartic)

You personalise the app to your needs /meds so it fits you vs you trying to fit it.

-beautifully graphic designed - the buttons are clear and easy to read

Best of all.. The app collates your data and you can print out charts, graphs and your journal as well as download it to your computer.

For myself and the other beta testers it had made a huge difference in helping them to understand and control things better.

The data is excellent for backup evidence for benefits and insurance purposes and doctors seem to be very interested when supplied with the reports.

As we are not allowed to advertise here, if you would like more information on how to get the app just pm me!

A. X

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I have come across this also and Im very excited to be able to get it for a very low price when it's out! It does sound as if it will be extremely helpful.


It's the best app I've come across and I have tried tons! The fact that you can personalise it makes all the difference.

It will be available on the Google play store... But if I can recommend going to the website whichis <ADMIN website link removed as it breaches guideline 10 > and registering your interest then I understand that they will email you when it's released.

A. X


Is this the one invented by your husband ????

VG x


I would just like to point out that there are also some very good health / pain trackers apps available for FREE. I use one of these free ones which is very helpful, but notice that some you are required to subscribe to and pay a monthly fee - which seems to be yet another way to take advantage of those suffering x


That's very interesting and helpful ... I didnt know there were free apps like this

VG x


I don't believe I can tell you the name, but I think I searched pain app and diary. This also produces graphs and can be emailed and printed x


Will find them

Thanks again

VG x


Could u possibly send me a link for the fibro app when it has launched pls as i'm not that good at information technology lol.thx.kez x my email is


Hi alikat,

I have tried several times to send you a message, but it just will not send!

I would be grateful for any details,

Could you try and pm me, thanks, must be gremlins in the works, lol!



Hi there. I cannot send you a message either. Could you please pm me with details ? Christina x


Hi Alikat 1. Like the previous 2 people I've tried to message you but it doesn't send!!? Any chance you could PM me with the details of the app. Thanking you in anticipation.

Nikki x


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