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My ex is a pain - literally

ok, now at least I can definitively say that for me, there is a link between my fibro and my pain level. Having had rather a heated discussion with my ex, my pain levels have now soared through the roof. It is one of those 'lets be friends' scenarios, which works very well until he starts ranting about who I can and can't see - and yes before anyone asks- its is definitely over between us. We make better friends than partners, but in one row he triggered a diverticular flare which put me in hospital for 4 days and I am still recovering from, and now he pops up again, starts another row and I am now back in pain. Ok, as I am writing this, I can see the obvious solution. Dont think he makes a very good friend at all. Trouble is, he is helping me do some diy round the house which I cant afford to get someone in for. catch 22 situation

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Julieru, I have the same problem. I have been seperated from my husband for over a year. he hardly ever contacts our son and sends me texts and pms so bad I have had to keep copies. Every time I get one of these I have a flair up stress is certainly a big factor.

My advice to you would be cut ties as soon as possible for your health as it is obviously making you worse.

Lots of hugs xxxx


Hiya Julie, what about leaving him in the house to do the DIY and you go out for a while, that way you are killing two birds with one stone xx


now thats a good idea. I can make an excuse and go off in the car for a fools errand and hide round the corner with a thermos flask and a sandwich. Good thinking


Sounds like a good plan, least you wouldnt have to listen to him ranting xx


hi well i think i would leave the d i y for now and jus have a break from him sometimes if you ring a college ortraining centre they will send people to do jobs for practice so wont cost you anything or if you call dil they may know of a chariy to help you where i live there is a group that helps people on low incomes and who are disabled for free or really cheap give your local council cab or dial a call that way you wont be reliant on your x and can get on with your life he is loving the fact that you are relying on him i as like that with my 1st husband but i cut the tie and do you know after that we got on so much better still do love diddle x


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