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Workin, claiming disability allowance in uk

This is for uk people really, I was wondering if many people receive disability allowance as they can't work. I'm looking into claiming for it , but I wondered if any one had any advice?

I'm 23, I had been working full time since I was 19. I started training as a nurse, but after a year due to my RA and fibro getting worse I had to leave, my old job is still available, but it was working with brain injured children with horrible shift work and manual handling. I still work bank shifts, but I can only work 15-20 hours a week, as its to hard on my body. But the problem is indeed a job, but I can't work full time any more. I keep trying to not give in to my problems. But it's making me worse. So has any one got any advise in what I can do. Xxx

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Hiya holly, I had to give up wokin my own business 5 yrs ago n so claim dla n ESA. Was told by my social worker (call the council, apparently were all entitled to one) to fill forms out based on ur worst days or u won't get any money. Also I hav a carer thru the council ppi. U hav an assessment for ur needs, on same basis. It's all saved my life as I'm a single mum wiv no savings/income (thanks to a 'not in sickness/health hubby' who left me for a younger, more abled bodied trollope) if u need any more help, just ask xx

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You can claim dla if you are working or not... I do get dla although I am not working if you need help filling out the forms you can click here and get help

benefitsandwork.co.uk. I feel I should point however I only get dla because of my arthritis my fibro they ignore as you also have RA I feel you should Definately apply.

Good luck



Hi i live in Scotland and have had to stop work completely i did drop some of my shifts to start with and was told the best way to get help to bring my money up would be to get working tax credits instead of disability so on this advice i done this for 3years i have been off work now since November and when i called about sick pay they said i didn't qualify as u only worked 16 hour so i contacted money matters and the said i should be getting work and support allowance so i called about this to be told i didn't qualify as i wasn't working and still getting my ni contributions paid but i appealed it and had to go for a medical examination and i am awaiting their answers just now i wish i would have been sacked but as my position is being kept open it has made things alot harder will keep you posted on my progress and good luck to you x


DLA is not means tested, (well, for now anyway) working or not you can put in a claim and you'll be assessed on how much your illness impacts on your life. The replacement for DLA is called PIP, how that will pan out on an individual basis is anyone's guess!

Best of luck!! They keep tightening the criteria, but you've nothing to lose by applying. Perhaps might be worth having a word with CAB for help with completing the forms.


I always thought dla 's main purpose was to fund anything that would enable a disabled person to find it easier to integrate into every day life.for example to hire a mobility car or pay for taxis to get around easier and to pay for a carer to do the house work or help the person to get in/out of bed,shower/bath and do other ordinary things that an able bodied person can do thus possibly enabling the person to go to work.


thanks guys, i forgot to add that i am managing to work 16 hours a week, being a nanny.

i will look into the DLA. But how do i get the forms to fill out, can i get them on line?


You can get the forms online at


This takes you to the page where you can print out the pages

Or fill them in online then print them out

I am not sure if you can actually do It all online as my renewal pack is sent out to me and I fill it in The old fashioned way over a couple of weeks

Hope that helps

VG x


Another thing that I have heard several times is don't be surprised if you don't get it the first time. Keep a copy of your form to refer back to if necessary. Good luck.


You need to fill both forms in DLA and Carers allowance,and like the others said it is worse case scenario when you fill them in.

Good luck x x

Rainbow x x x


Info on Benefits & Fibro:


Do email info@fibroaction.org to get the Benefits & Work guides if you haven't got them.

Info on Work & Fibro:



I applied for PIP (which has replaced DLA) based on my fibro and the help I need to cook shower dress clean etc. I still try to work but no more that 25 hours a week, I didn’t get it first time but I appealed and got it. I got it based mainly on my fibro and not OA but I had letters from my Drs and hospital consultants explaining how disabling this is. Good luck


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