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fed up if anything else goes wrong ?

cant win as you know my boiler packed in got it fixed yesterday morning great i thought .nice warm house at last ,But no checked boller again needle again very dangerously lowagain , , wrang plumber had to turn off again , for a hour luckly he came out quick now got frozen pipes , so flair up back good style dont know which hurt most today ,

feeling low and didnt sleep well last night at all brain not shutting down ,moters running on over time , arrrrrr ,

defantley wont be getting back with boyfreind he says got to much to cope with and work . ,not helping really is it ,so back on the shelf again ,

one thing moving soon in new flat ,

snowing here and cold so wrap up warm every one .

soft hugs every one xx

tink xx

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Hi Tinkerbell

was he a hunky plumber ? are you sure you didn't fiddle with the needle ?

Frozen pipes , didn't he offer to help with your pipes ?

sorry i am in a naughty mood and thought i moght make you laugh

Lack of sleep impacts so much on the rest of our lives doesn't it ?

I have been put on Piriton due to an insect bite ( i know at this time of year )

so with my Tramadol i am sooo sleepy at the moment but the itching is grrrrrrr

As for being on the shelf you haven't met the right one yet

not sure where he is tho , waiting to rescue you in your hour of need , oh that was the plumber enough emergencies for now

Maybe it will be a neighbour when you move , new home new start

It is snowing here too so hibernation here we come

Take care J xx


Wrap up warm..hope things improve for you soon xx


bless your heart hun, hope you feel better soon :-) x


Youre better off without him a bit of cold and stress hes off, should have fybro for a day. but honey, gentle hugs hope youre not feeling too upset


Hello Tink, so sorry to hear about yesterday and the boiler etc.

It won't be long and you will be in your new home. Keep warm in the mean time, snow forecast all over the country tomorrow.

Sending you a hug (((hug))) xxx



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