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Fed up of waiting times with the NHS

About a year ago, I went and had blood tests at my doctors, the results showed high inflammation, my doctor decided he would treat this himself with high doses of steroids (prednisolone) instead of finding out the cause of the inflammation.

While taking the meds I had an appointment to see a neurologist for neurological symptoms I'd been having, he immediately told me to stop the steroids as they had no use for my symptoms.

Since then my gp hasn't wanted to investigate the high inflammation which could be a number of things one being polymyalgia as he suggested, which I haven't got.

A year on and I recently requested having my bloods taken and tested again, I knew they would come back with high inflammation as this as never been resolved, I received a phone call this morning telling me I need to see my gp regarding my blood test results, the problem is my doctor is away on holiday till Friday 20th and all the other doctors are fully booked, so now I have to sit and worry for the next 9 days.

I'm just having a moan, I'm sick to the back teeth of going round in circles with this pillock of a doctor, in 9 days time I know he will try and treat the inflammation with steroids again but this time I'm not accepting it, I want to know where and what this inflammation is and then they can treat it accordingly.

He blames everything on fibromyalgia but from my understanding fibro doesn't have inflammation as a symptom, he's playing with my life, for all I know it could be something serious and he's not even bothered about finding out what it is!!!!

Rant over just so fed up of not being heard and waiting!

Irene x

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Ive had a raised esr for 3yrs never found the cause, ive had that many blood tests < it was beyond a joke, I still dont know the cause, as for neuros I was discharged by 2 of them before I started having seizure and now Im seeing yet another about them


Lol@ you ranting, yeah I think maybe it's time to get rid, I'm certainly getting nowhere with this doctor, I don't know why I've even stayed with him, he's the one that told me I was depressed for 20 years (of course I'm depressed I'm in pain every day!), it's only now he's started to realise its more than depression.

I'll go and see him on the 20th and see what he's got to say, I'm moving to a different doctor in July anyway but this doctor is really beginning to p%$ me off now, it's gone on for way too long, I'll move to a different practice if he doesn't give me the answers on the 20th

Irene x :)


My neuro told me it was in my head and I need a psychiatrist not a neuro lol


hi i really think you should call your GP today and getb an appointment with another one or one of the nurse practioners down ther or the nurse you may be heard but please dont be pushed away you need to know like you say it could be anything good luck love to you diiddle x


You need a referral to a rheumatologist. If your GP refuses, try calmly asking him to note in your records that you have requested a referral to rheumatology to investigate ongoing positive inflammatory blood markers and that he has refused this request. Not many GPs will do that as they have a responsibility to refer if something is out of their area of expertise.


Hi Lindsey,

I've seen a rheumy, she diagnosed me offered me a psychologist as the only treatment she could give me and discharged me back to my gp BUT.... Since joining this support group a lady contacted me from the same area I'm in an apparently this same rheumy that I saw 2 years ago has changed her opinion on fibro now and even gives talks on this illness, the lady that contacted me on here told me she gets excellent care and sympathy from the rheumy, I was go smacked when she told me, it just shows how things can change in such a small amount of time.

Irene x


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