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came home from work

ive never had a day off sick in the 2 years ive worked there even when my mum and sister died didnt want to let anyone down.

today i go in with extra clothoing as looke chilly outside was ok til 1 when i was asked to go on another till which is right by the doors, every one was saying how cold it was and it was warmer outside than in and that wind goes right thru you! soooooooooo thought right thats it not allowed the heater on im going home sick!

ive never ever let them down and today i have as hardly any staff on |BUT now fed up with them ive now got to go to bed to get warm as im soo cold and hurting so much. so looks like ill be having most of winter off ill if no heater is in place

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Angie I hope you are warm now and cuddled up with a cup of tea. :) x gins


So sorry to hear about your day, make yourself as warm as possible, hot water bottle too if you have one, thick socks and snuggle down with a cuppa or hot chocolate, that should warm your cockles hopefully. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, take care. :)


tell them make them understand what you are going through, sometimes we just got to make ourselves heard in the nicest way. hope you are warm and toasty and feel well xx


thank you had a cuppa but now keep weeing!! thats what happens with cuppas and the cold weather lol. im not going to go in tomorrow theyll have to do without me will put my heating on upstairs when i go back to bed in a minute just got to cook kids tea!


if you have any sort of doctors note specifying that you need to be on a certain till/place as you cant be in the cold and they are still putting you there then they are breaking the law under the disability and equality act.

i am having numerous problems with work at the moment with them ignoring doctors advice and have been told by my union that they are breaking the law.

if you havent got anything from the doctor i would highly recommend you get one so that you can continue to work without ending up in pain and discomfort.



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