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New Diagnosis


Morning everyone, was hoping I could get some advice. Went to the Drs yesterday and she listen to me reel of my symptoms.... sore hips, ankles and lower back. It say paint is 2/3 out of 10. Peeing more often, nausea and headaches maybe 4-5 times a week. She suggested fibromyalgia instantly. Reading people's comments and blogs etc it feels like the pain they experience is a million miles worse than mine, could I really have it? And what tests can be done to find out? I'm having a blood test today and I feel like it's the only back they are going to do. They have also prescribed me an anti depressant that will make me drowsy, although I am already on an anti depressant. Please advise Me, I'm not sure I have it? Also.. Does the pain get worse as time go on?

Sorry for all the questions,


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im afraid that their is no real test for fibromyalgia, they do tests to rule other things out first, the pain can start the way you have described, but i would look at getting seen by the rhumetology dept as well, this could help you with your joint/back pain, im sure others wil post more info for you that may also help you a little

Kirst34 in reply to jimborck

Thankyou, I was unsure whether I had it as I don't feel as much pain.


Good morning Kirst34 welcome to the group :) I see you have left your post unlocked. Most members prefer to answer locked posts but it's your choice if you wish to leave it open. This means what you post can be seen by anyone on the net. This link shows how to lock it

I am sorry your in so much pain. It has taken many years for a lot of people to get a diagnosis of fibro so was surprised your GP gave you one before they had even got the blood tests back.

The blood tests are to rule things out. So if all comes back ok your GP may go on to the next stage of sending you to see a rheumatologist hopefully.

You may like to take a look at our main website it has loads of helpful information.

If you need any help with anything please just ask any of the admin team we are always happy to help if we can xx


Hi Kirst I was diagnosed back in 1997 by a rheumatologist and they 18 points in the body and if you get at least 11 of them that are painful they say that is fibromyalgia off course after dismissing other conditions by tests. It can be bad at times but it does usually get weaker, it’s in flair ups. I found that magnesium does help with the pain and cramps. Don’t think about it and try to forget it’s even their, I understand the pain wouldn’t let you think that but you can and you can live happily. 🤔😃

Kirst34 in reply to Evaibrahim60

I feel like I need to wait till I have had all the tests before I take anything. The Drs prescribed me a drug but now I'm thinking that she was very quick to diagnose without any test results. I'll have to wait 😐

i was explained to when i was diagnosed a while back now, that there are different severity levels of fibro. you can have mild/moderate or severe. you may have it. but it might be a mild/moderate version like the rheumatology woman told me. unfortunately mine is severe but good luck to you. xx

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