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Hi I'm new here

Hi to everyone

I just wanted to say Hello to all as I haven't introduced myself on here. I have fibro, Sjögren's syndrome and an adrenal illness - low cortisol levels. I'm not able to work and this illness can make one very depressed as I'm sure all of you can relate...I've read posts that I can relate to.....I really like the online jokes I've seen on here. I don't know if I have a cheek or if this is allowed but I would really like some jokes to my email which I can give you on PM. Last but certainly not least I'm a single mum to 3. Two of whom are adults and my youngest son aged 15 has Asperger's syndrome. I have one grandaughter currently living in Australia for the next four years.....I miss her lots...well that's about it. Wishing you a pain free day x

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Hi Lins I havn`t much time at the moment to welcome you . So for now just a couple of suggestions one is that it is not advisable to put up your personal details. so you may like to delete your E mail address and ask people to PM (private message) you instead.

For jokes try typing in. humour on pinterest . this should take you to sites where people have collected things that amuses them.

Hugs sue speak to you again later


Thanks Mayrose, I was thinking that perhaps I shouldn't have left my email so have taken your advise and will use the pm x


Hi Lins2000

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do/

I am posting you a link below to our mother site, FibroAction, as do not know if you have seen this or not, it is full of useful Fibro information:


I also wanted to say that it is not advisable to post your email address on an open forum as it invites anyone and everyone to send you spam email as anyone and everyone has access to it. What we normally recommend is that if you want other members to have your email address then you agree to exchange your email address via the 'Private Message' service on the forum.

To use this service simply press the white envelope at the top of the page on the green bar and this will take you to your inbox and from there press the yellow button at the top right hand corner marked, 'new conversation'. This then gives you a new page and a box to enter the user name of however you wish to mail.

I am sending you this reply in a Private Mail to ensure that you see this, and to raise your awareness of PM's. To remove your email address press the edit button below your post and remove from the post when it appears underneath for you to amend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken x


Hi did you try pinterest for jokes?

There are enough to keep you occupied for days. s xx


I've tried that but I can't say that I've seen any jokes. Is that a Facebook app? xx


Hello again. pinterest is a site where you can store information. Think of it as a giant pinboard that you can post things that interests you or using magnets on your fridge. You have as many smaller boards as you want so that you can divide up your subjects.

I started using it to store crochet patterns and it sort of got out of hand. now have 26 boards covering 22 subjects including 2 on humour.

I don`t know why typing pinterest humour is not working for you, I have just tried again and got on. try again and after typing it in click on anywhere that says pinterest

Good Luck



Hi Lins, it's good to meet you. I have Sjögren's syndrome too, so send you much sympathy. I can't use the computer for long so this has to be short, but wanted to say welcome to the site. Hope you have a happy and reasonably pain-free weekend.

Mim x


Thanks mimiwen,,

Thanks for your welcome x


hi lins2000

welcome to the site i look forward to the jokes & funny pics as we all need chearing up..sending lavender fluffiesx


Hey, where did you get the lavender fluffies? None of mine are missing and I've had no instructions from fluffmeister Zeb about it, or from Haribo either. :P


aha! there must be a fluffies recycling zone :)


As long as they're not breeding in the wild. Much as we love them and need them, we don't want them out of control :P


like tribbles!


Oh my word we haven't had trouble with the Tribbles for quite some time now....... "Clingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, clingons on starboard bow Jim !!


There's life, Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it

Oh look what's started :P


Are tribbles edible?


Are they edible?


Think so. Why else did that merchant get them on board the Enterprise?


Hello Lins2000,

Welcome to the FibroAction Community!

Hope you find it a helpful place to come and chat. Most people report it to be both informative and supportive as we have many members willing to share there experiences in the hope it'll help others. You may also find our FAQ category in the question section of interest.

It's international Fibro Awareness Day tomorrow so you may like to join in on our Blog Bomb post, for more information please see link below;


Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


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