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Another Newbie!

I've just joined the site. Was diagnosed in 2007 as a result of a conversation with a fellow suffering family member. I told the doctor what I'd been told, was sent for a blood test and to a rheumatologist, who left me in more pain going out than when I went in. Was on Tramadol but kept missing doses because of bad sleep and forgetfulness. Now have Buprenorphine patches and Amitryptiline on repeat, but no support.

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Hello AlisonH

Welcome. You will find this an interesting place to visit. Please do not worry about venting, its healthy. There is a lot said here that you do not have to read or think about if you do not want to. Me personally? I waffle.

Do you have a mobile phone? Can you access the calender and make entries for appointments? Good. Then use this facility to record all you appointments - if you cannot do it ask at your phone shop. I use mine for this and also have an alarm set to remind me to take my evening meds and another one in the morning, which is also my work alarm but on weekends I just take the meds and go back to sleep!

I hope that is of help to you?

I am on Amitriptyline and Lyrica for FM with co-dydramol for break through pain [although right now its not working or I would be in bed!] and Tegretol for my epilepsy. My doctor also says I have arthritus which I am sure is right.

Ask your doctor to send you to a physiotherapist and for hydro therapy - make sure they know about FM though. Do not over do exercise or you will suffer for it. I also like my TENs machine although it takes a while to get used to it.

I had better try my bed now, so good night and soft hugs


hello AlisonH, i found this site at the begining of this year..I think memory !! not good, it is a terrifick site and you can ask all sorts and get info on FMS. I also find that there are answers that people have had the same expirience and it is interesting the diffrent advice.I have to take allsorts of meds and i find it easier for me to make up a weeks meds in a medicine manager ( you can buy them at most chemists costing approx£2). it is didivided into days and -morn-noon-eve & bed compartments,should i be out and about it is easier for me to take the day meds required in one container.

I had the missing meds and my dr put me on a slow release tramadol and top up with paracetamol.At bedtime i take amitryptaline,1 slow release tramadol,2 paracetamol 1 omeprazole and 1 indometasin.that seems a lot but i get some sort off sleep waking 1-2 times in 8 hours not needing to take anythig other than paracetamol most of the time.

Sorry for the waffling on this is how i cope, hope you get the right support and understanding soon, stay strong & soft hugs.


I have memory problems too, I use my mobile phone for every reminder, When to take pills, getting up for work, Errands i have to do in town. I would be lost without my phone.


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