HI everybody,

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, at last i have a name and treatment for the awful way i have been feeling for a long time. My Gp didn't want to know :( i was in so much pain i booked 4 appointments with him one day after another eventually he sent me to a rheumatologist who sympathised and diagnosed my fibro. So here i am curious as to what to do and support from fellow sufferers. I have been prescribed Tramadol and Nortriptyline which are helping and i am to see a pain management clinic. Today i am having a "flare up" and am sitting writing to you wearing thermals, gloves and a duvet as i cant get warm, i'm tired all the time also. So that's me i hope to hear from some of you and be able to chat when i have a problem or offer suggestions to fellow sufferers. Thank-you for your time :}

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  • Hi Kimm, nice to meet you - I am new here today too :-)

  • Hi Kimm, i discovered this site about month ago, I am a newbie to fibro found out in Dec 11. This site is a great help, good to read others Blog and Ask and answer questions. The feeling your not alone is fantastic Lou x

  • Hi, I have been on here for a while. you will find plenty of support on here. I am sat with heating full on, in front of a fan heater and still shivering. I have ME as well which can drop your core temperature. Its worth taking your temperature to see if you are feeling cold or if your core temperature has dropped. Welcome to the group and gentle hugs to you both

  • Well for a momment there I thought wow wev`e got Robbie Williams,but no obviously a fan:-).Welcome to you and hypermummy,you have both found the right site.And if you both gain as much as I do from it,you will both be as hooked as the rest of us.Look forward to hearing more from you both.

    Hugs Butterfly54 :-)

  • Welcome. I am also new but find it really wonderful to have people who speak the same language and have understanding about what I go through coz they also go through the same stuff and worse.

  • Hi Kimm and welcome. I'm fairly new to the site but have found it invaluable. We can all have a whinge and we all understand! Mostly i don't feel alone any more!

    take care and gentle hugs

  • Hi both, i joined the site last week, it is good to talk to or read about others with fibro, its not all doom and gloom, some stories are quite funny, hope you will enjoy it as much as i have. x

  • Hi both, i joined last week too, its great to not feel so alone x

  • Hi I recently joined and have found this site very useful. Its great to know there are others out there that can have an understanding to what we all go through. Being positive and pacing yourself seems to be the answer with me but also try and keep warm even if you have to drink lots of hot drinks and have a hot water bottle. Soft hugs xxx

  • Hi to new members. I've not been on here most of the day. It's my day off so I went and had some 'therapy' called the Emmett Technique and happy to say I feel a little bit easier - but only a little bit, today was my first time.

    It is a really great group..... :)

    Sue x

  • Hi Kimm, I'm relatively new too, a really useful and supportive group.

  • Hi kimm,

    Nice to meet you, i am so pleased i have found this site it is so good to finally have advice from people who are going through the exact same.

    kel xxx

  • Hi Kimm

    Nice to meet you I am also new here i find very gentle stretches

    help done very slowly in conjunction with medication.

    Hope you have good weekend

  • ive sufferd with fibro for over two years now , an got worse in the last 6 monthes ,sometimes i carnt even walk ,get out of bed because i feel so tired ,an in so much pain,i would sooner stay in doors than outdoors , im on tramodol, diloxtine,gribablin an naproxen an other pain killers . i just wish i could have my life back as i all so suffer with m e known as cronic fitige .

  • Hi Kimm nice to meet you im a newbie to x

  • i too am a newby but not diagnosed yet but lots of stuff going on ..i never knew this existed my docs are uncertain between a couple of things yet. x It is hard to live with but we learn to cope with it like anything else and got to be strong x

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