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Hi all

Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new.

Have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, also arthritis and tendinitis and feeling a bit low. I'm being told my pain is in my head, and I seem down so I'm probably in pain because of that so should take more antidepressants.

Has anyone else been told this? I could scream I'm not in pain because I'm down - I'm down because of this relentless pain and hearing "it's in your head"

There's more to this I'm just venting at the minute sorry :)

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Hi there Snappyfeet, and welcome to our lovely forum, which I consider to be the very best place on the web for support, information, and friendship. You might like to go and take a peep at our mother site where there is a wealth of information and help which you will find very useful, so do take a look :-)

I feel like coming clomping the person who told you all this is in your head, NO is certainly isn't However, there are certain antidepressants such as amitriptyline which some people have found helpful in the management of the condition. I for one found they made a real difference, but have other antidepressants alongside these too.

Could you perhaps ask for a referral to a pain management clinic, where perhaps your concerns could be more sympathetically addressed ?

A way, will close, but say, please feel free to join in wherever you want to, we often have some fun posts as a lot of us find laughter releases "feel good" endorphins :-) :-)

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way and look forward to seeing you round the forum again very soon πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Foggy x

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Hi Newbie, I have never been told that the pain is in my head but I know a lot of sufferers had been told that. And like you, they were frustrated and angry. I thought those type of comments were now history as there is so much more awareness and I had hoped much more understanding of FMS. Keep the faith xx


I was told it was in my head but not in that way. I was told it was a physical problem with the chemicals in my brain which sends messages about pain to the rest of your body. Once they have gone they can't be replaced. So this chemical imbalance makes us feel pain that isn't really there. Puts a whole different slant on it and how we perceive it some what.


Hi snappyfeet, glad you joined it's a great forum loads of advice & support to be had. How stupid are these people and inconsiderate too, all pain comes from the brain but it doesn't mean it's not real and you don't feel it, I once asked a doctor to cut my leg off and he replied that he would have to cut my head off as that's where the pain signal is, so yes the pain is in our heads but not in the way these people are implying!

Take care


X x x


Hi. Being prescribed anti-depressants is a doctor's answer to everything, it is usually because they don't know what is wrong with you. The pain you feel is definatley real! I don't have fibro but I do have ME which is very similar and there is a cross over with a lot of the symptoms. My doctor asked me if i felt depressed and I said yes but only when the symptoms were really bad, thaty was when he put me on the anti-depressants. I only took them for a month. I have a very good friend with ME and fibeo and talking to him has definatley helped me with the way I feel. It is really good to talk to people who understand. Hopefully you will find this forum helpful.


Morning. Thank you all for the lovely welcome and replies.

It was actually a doctor who said it was in my head. I had never seen her before. I can never get to see my usual gp so have to see whoever they choose. When I went back and saw another gp who I've seen before he more or less agreed with the other one after I told him what she said.

I've had lots of problems with my shoulders, rotar cuff tear, separation, of the ac joints and arthritis but the worst thing of all is this pain under my biceps. It comes on when I've lifted something or can start randomly and the pain is horrific I can't move my arms. I had a steroid injection and the rheumatologist who did it said one of my tendons is thickened and the other has fluid under it, he took pics of it with the scanner and although I have a copy of the report the doctors don't seem to and anyway it means nothing to them, all I have is chronic pain. I had a telephone appointment with a doctor from the pain clinic she put in her report osteoarthritis, tendinitis and fibro and as I've tried all the different drugs to no avail there isn't really anything else. I can't tolerate opiates or gabapentin they make me feel ill and horribly spaced I can't stand that feeling.

My biggest gripe is problems have been identified totally on the off chance when I had the steroid shot, I've had no scans of the soft tissue and the doc won't do any, all the rheumatologist was looking for was inflammatory arthritis with x Rays, and since I don't have that well nothing else matters and its put down to fibro. This is not fibro I had this start way before anything else when I was in my job, it involved lots of heavy lifting and when it flares I can feel something snapping and catching under my bicep like an elastic band, my whole arm and fingers go numb and tingle and it goes on for weeks, I have to keep it absolutely still and use ice. This doc who said I'm probably in pain because I'm down said a while ago he thought it was calcium deposits in my tendons. Now it's just chronic pain and I'm refused a scan I just have to get on with it.

I do have antidepressants and amitryptline but they don't stop this agony or make me feel any better about being told I'm just going to have to live with it. It seems a diagnosis of fibro cancels out anything else that could be going on I'm so frustrated.

Sorry for this long post it's just to try and give a better picture really my last post didn't make much sense, I hope everyone is as well as can be and thanks again for the lovely welcome.


Greetings Snappyfeet I think you have come to a brilliant site as the people are so friendly with vast personal experience of how much the illness affects everyone.

I honestly think you would be a saint not to feel depressed as the pain of even one of the illnesses brings you down. I assume you weren't depressed before these illnesses started so it seems only sensible to come to the conclusion that the illnesses and the pain and fatigue they cause has caused depression.

I know that they often prescribe a low dose antidepressant as it can often help with pain especially lower back pain but I don;t think they themselves quite understand why this should be but that doesn;t mean that the person receiving that particular medication is actually depressed. E.g. I take Pregablin for neuropathic pain but that can also be used as a drug to fight Epilepsy but I do not have Epilepsy but my husband does and he does not take Pregablin, can you see my drift.

I think Foggies suggestion about being referred to a Pain Clinic if there is one accessible in your area would be good as hopefully they will have the experience to help you and perhaps get your referred to a Pain Management Course if you feel that would help you. Sometimes feeling that you are not alone which the people on this site gives you can really help as talking to people who do not have illness itself is difficult as they cannot see it not like a broken arm and it is very difficult for them to understand.

Vent anytime you want to as we all get to a stage where we feel like screaming so don't apologise. Keep in touch with us so we know how you are doing.x


Wellcome along.

Lets get this sorted out so we can give a reply to the people who try to put us down with, the pain is in your head, the ignorant fools they know nothing and speak much to much and much to often.

Of course the pain is in you head,, all pain is in our heads,,, FACT!

If we didn't have a brain we wouldn't have pain.

It is the brain the interprets the information coming through the spinal cord from every part of our body.

It doesn't matter if neurones are over firing or if it is the brain that is giving the wrong signals out we are still in pain and that pain is real ! END OF.


Hi Snappyfeet, I wonder if they've tested your B12, folate, ferritin and Vit D levels? I have low B12, also an under active thyroid, both these conditions cause pain if they aren't being treated properly. It's certainly worth asking for them to be tested. I get so cross when Doctors say it's all in our heads! MariLiz


No not in your head, no how you feel, you r not on your own . It's very frustrating, my mood low but I still have the pain. It has nothing to do with it . Good luck


Hi again

I do have low vitamin d I take tablets for this and also on levothyroxine for under active thyroid. I also have inverse psoriasis and epilepsy but this is very well controlled I forget I have it.

I wasn't depressed although I was years ago and never stopped the fluoxetine, what caused it to return wasn't just being in pain it was the fight I had with the results of my ESA assessment and the barefaced lies that were told, now I'm back in that place after being told this is all in my head by one doctor, then because I'm defeated after hearing that the next doctor decides I'm in pain because I seem down. Everything is a battle.

I'm really not like this usually, moaning and stuff I know there's people worse off. God I sound such a whinge thank you all for the understanding xx


Hi Snappyfeet

Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I look forward to bumping into you on the posts.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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