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Hi all I am a member of both this group and the TUK group. The standard medication for Hypothyroidism, Levothyroxine (T4) ,which I took for 20 years, caused me horrendous fibromyalgia, amongst other things. Once I stopped this medication this symptom, along with Chronic Fatigue and migraine disappeared.

The NHS are now proposing to remove from prescription, the medication I do take, Liothyronine (T3) Without this I, and thousands of others, would be forced, as many already are, to self source and self medicate, without the monitoring of the medical service.

Fed up of decades of poor understanding and treatment, several of us, from forums and FB pages, have grouped together, to try to act to change this. A campaign has been launched. ITT Campaign. the intention being to drum up as much support as we can and then pressure for change. Our initial push is to advertise to gain support, on other forums and pages where we may find like minded people, who will understand our issues.

ITT Campaign have a petition at

Please support us by signing this petition.

There is also a Twitter Account - itt_campaign and a Facebook page, ITT (Improving Thyroid Treatment) should any of you be interested in knowing more.

There is strength in numbers.

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Hi UrsaP

Signed, Sealed & Delivered :)


Signed n sent

Very interesting. Thanx for sharing, signed x

Thank you everyone for signing. If I could ask you to help spread the word about this campaign, it would be appreciated.

TheAuthor in reply to UrsaP

Good luck UrsaP my friend :)

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