Fibromyalgia Action UK

Anyone out there "It's time for to take action"

Enough is enough!!!!!

We as FM/ME sufferers all must stop sitting on the fence and stand up to the powers that be (The Government) and demand that our symptoms and pains are not imaginary and do whatever it takes to make them understand that they are very real, also if we are unfairly treated by the Atos panel at our ESA/PIP Assessment or tribunal/appeal we must contact and ask our Local MP's to support us with our quest to get what was granted indefinately to us. A country wide petition is what we need to get our plight made aware of, all newspapers radio and tv channels need targeting there must be some kind of Organisation who will help us fight this surely

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hiya great idea i remember last yr i sent off for some fibromyalgia leaflets so i could distribute them. my son & i tok them around his school educating ppl my little man was only4 and he was asking ppl if they had heard of "fibroalgia" when they said no he said "my mum has it and she is in lots of pain" awww i was so porud of him bless him x i asked to put one up in the doctors but on a return visit i noticed they had been taken down :( made me feel like rubbish that my own surgery wouldnt show support ! i think i will design a t-shirt and have it printed off there is a few sites that u can get stuff off of just so expensive. gentle (((hugs))) hope today is a low pain day xx amanda


there was a online group to last year... that u signed and was sent off to the goverment.. also.. or u can post straight to them. but i do understand what ur saying.. its getting as big as MS and other diseases but not getting reconised, i have a friend with MS and she says that i and other fibro sufferers, suffer more than her .


A good cause that really does need highlighting. I am sure there are many more people with fm who hacve not been diagnosed because of various reasons, mainly because people thought aches and pains were down to arthritis. this does need to change.


here here well done you that is the sortb of attitude we all must have andd get this thing out there much love to you diddle x


I have written to my MP as they have stopped my ESA because I live with my partner who works. I have also written to the minister of work and pensions, no replies as yet but I will keep you posted. But please don't hold your breath.


YES, Id sign any petition for that.I have been looking up the words "Assault"- "an act that threatens physical harm to a person, whether or not actual harm is done" and "Abuse" -"to use or treat someone or something wrongly or badly, especially in a way that is to your own advantage".

*Neglect or Act of Omission -

This is the repeated deprivation of assistance that the vulnerable adult needs for important activities of daily living, including the failure to intervene in behaviour which is dangerous to the vulnerable adult or to others. A vulnerable person may be suffering from neglect when their general well being or development is impaired

*Discriminatory Abuse -

This is the inappropriate treatment of a vulnerable adult because of their age, gender, race, religion, cultural background, sexuality, disability etc. Discriminatory abuse exists when values, beliefs or culture result in a misuse of power that denies opportunity to some groups or individuals. Discriminatory abuse links to all other forms of abuse.

Id run this by a law professional first (preferably a Fibro-friendly one), but the more I look at it, the more it sounds like this is how we've been treated. If someone put a dog with a broken leg in the shed and ignored it, wouldnt that be abuse or assault?? The law would be down on THAT like a ton of bricks. So, yes, lets stand up (if we can) and fight for our rights. Im right behind you.x


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