YASMINTINA fibromyalgia patient

Hi there I'm YASMINTINA diagnosed with fibromyalgia think it mite help to speak and share with others the same as me

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  • It certainly will help Yasmintina. And you came to the right place. If you're down we'll lift you up...if you're having a better day then you can come and lift us in return. The kind folks here have answered my questions, we've shared experiences which helps us all feel less alone in all this....and we laugh when we do things like leaving our phone in the fridge!

    Look forward to chatting in the future. xx


  • Hi Gina

    My best moment was trying to put my iron in the fridge.

    The funniest thing was that I only realised what I was doing when it wouldn't fit!! lol :)

    Lu xx


    Welcome to our lovely forum :)

    You don't say how long ago you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

    If you take a look at our mother site you will find lots of information about Fibro fmauk.org

    I was diagnosed in 1980 and have to say I am still learning more about Fibro all the time, even though I have had it for 36 years.

    We all have Fibromyalgia here, including all of the Admin Team, and many of us have other conditions to contend with as well.

    I have Fibro, ME, Hypermobility Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, depression and anxiety.

    We have a really wonderful bunch of members and we all do our best to support and look after each other by sharing tips, hints and advice.

    You might like to look into locking your posts. If you click on the blue line below an easy to follow guide on how to lock your posts will pop up:


    If you need any help at all navigating the forum, please don't hesitate to give me, or any of the Admin Team, a shout.

    I hope you enjoy being part of the forum :)

    Wishing you a peaceful evening

    Lu x


  • Hi there properly many years recently got diagnosed and sleep apnea as well oh joy thanku il wil certainly ask for help if needed a day like today when I'm virally as well u feel lonely as everyone at work etc my passion is gardening plants haven't been able to do my hobbie swimming exercise just makes me feel ill such a shame

  • I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. Sadly Fibro does rob us of so many things.

    Hopefully you'll make some wonderful friends here and things wont feel quite so bad :)

    Lu xx

  • My 1st question to you all is does anyone seem to get more than there fair share of catching virally things colds bugs etc I'm lucky if I go more than couple months get fed up trying to bounce back as you mite have guessed caught something recently many thanks for any replies

  • Yes, I always seem to be down with something or other.

    As our immune systems are compromised we do end up getting lots of viruses, colds, etc.

    Lu xx

  • Thanku that's reassured me xxx

  • Hi, lovely to meet you. I have Fibro, Chronic fatigue, hypermobility, arthritis, restless leg Sjogrens and a couple more complaints Like you I used to swim forty lengths twice a week and love my garden I just go in it on nice warm days now, and suffer for it afterwards I struggle to bend or stand for a few minutes, but try to do my pots and baskets My husband puts them on a table for me to fill up, watering duties are left to him I'm afraid Makes you realise how much we took for granted before Fibro, but I always think there are some poor people a lot worse of than me It is upsetting and frustrating not to be able to do the things that were second nature before, but it makes you appreciate what you still can do! I too seem to get more viruses/ colds than before and they are worse and last longer than before, I also had a splenectomy 30yrs ago after an accident so my immune system isn't 100% anyway, but noticed a big difference in frequency and severity of virus infections last couple of years . The joys of Fibro!!Kind regards and a restful evening to you x

  • Thanku what a lovely reply xxx

  • Hello and welcome YASMINTINA it is nice to have you on our lovely friendly forum my friend you will find some very supportive and friendly members and admin alike here who will share their experiences and love to hear from you.

    I see our lovely admin BlueMermaid3 has sent you our mother site and other information you will find this very useful.

    Good luck my friend

  • Welcome to you....x I am sure you will find that you wonder how you coped without the group here....I know I did...even though family are understanding sometimes you need to rant and rave to someone you know really understands and of course to have a good laugh.....x

  • Hi there yes indeed I think unless you have fibromyalgia or any other exciting conditions people won't really relate to it so yes nice to chat share rant rave is good perhaps I should have joined before lol how do you get through the frustration Trikki when ur body doesn't let you do what u did before that's my biggest task in teaching myself xxx


    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi doll. Just want you to know that we're all here to support you. Anytime you have questions feel free to ask them that's what this community is here for, to help each other understand. Big hugs my lovely xx

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