Fibromyalgia Network

Fibromyalgia Network

Hi I have suffered with fibromyalgia now since 2006 (well that was when I had my official diagnosis). I have no support groups in my area and am looking to set up a support group. Anyone who can help let me know! My biggest issues are exhaustion, over heating and pain, however I have put on so much weight since I was diagnosed and am so depressed because of this. I think talking to other people in the same boat and who are local would be great! I want to raise funds for research and am delighted to say that my family have already donated in The region of $2,500 by selling a car and donating the proceeds to fibromyalgia research in the USA. I live in the UK and would love to meet more people suffering g like me!!

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  • Hi there, What part of the UK are you living?

  • I live near Gatwick Airport.

  • Hi there I'm from Brighton! Sorry to hear about your health, fibro is awful I've only just recently been diagnosed but also have arthritis and cfs for much loner. It sucks big time but this is a wonderful site with so many lovely people who understand each other. even on the darkest days there are words of comfort so a big welcome to you.


    Jo x

  • Thank you Jo what a shame you are suffering, I too have arthritis and have thyroid problems too as well as a few other things, it really does suck doesn't it! I am fortunate enough to have a good family behind me but as you say some days are very dark and they just don't get it so I'm glad I have finally found this site!

  • Welcome to the site it's a wonderful site. Hope you find some relief. We are a bit jokers here, but that's my way of dealing with pain. There some very good suggestions made here. I live over the pond in Texas. So please forgive me!😢😜😀💐

  • There is nothing wrong with being from over the pond, you don't have to apologies!! I have family in the states and they can be a great comfort even from across the pond!

  • Hello AliLeeves where in UK do u live cos I'm in Wiltshire

  • I'm in sussex

  • Hello AliLeeves I've also got mental health problems my doc thinks there's a link with that and me getting fibro I've had panic attacks and epilepsy in the past if u need my help just ask

  • Me too, mental health and fainting are my just a couple of my issues!

  • Hello AliLeeves if u need my advice on anything I will try to help and shame I don't live closer to join your support group

  • Hi Ali,

    Re being interested in setting up a support group, can I ask you to email the office @ (without the spaces) including details of the area you live in, and it will be passed onto the Regional Coordinator for your area, who will be able to support you in starting up a new group xxx

  • Welcome. Hope you are successful in setting up a Support Group in your area I am sure you will find it very rewarding. This is a wonderful site with very supportive, fun people.x

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your venture.

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