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Had terrible back pain for 9 months after a rta saw a few specialists and sent to physiotherapy ( this Tuesday) ...I decided to cut out my caffeine (15 cups a day) and drink flavoured water instead ...this is my 2 nd week and my back pain has it the lack of caffeine or is it drinking the water ... wondering whether to attend physio as don't want to jeapodise my lack of pain 🤔has anyone else found that water is a natural pain killer ...or is cutting the caffeine the reason ....

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I have no idea My-chinaman, drinking lots of water as we know is good for flushing the system and keeping us decaffeinated is as good as full blend....Hope it lasts though xx

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Hi My-chinaman I have to agree with our lovely Trikki water is definitely helpful in flushing out the system so I suspect this has had an impact on your pain. I would recommend speaking with physio again to see if that will help further.

Good luck my friend

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I don't know about everyone else but with fibro you get a pain somewhere out of the blue, no reason for it, it lasts for months then you wake up one morning and its gone and started somewhere alse. Saying that 15 cups of coffee a day is some serious caffeine intake. I would still keep my physio and take it from there. Take care 🌻


I was involved in a rta in October last year had pain since except for the last 2 weeks where I had niggles ...probably got this for life now ...see what the physio says Tuesday x


Hi my friend

That is a really interesting question? I can easily imagine that water flushes any toxins out of the body and is healthy but also the *bodytechnician website says:

*Caffeine Causes Pain. ... Caffeine makes every muscle in your body more tense, including the involuntary muscles in the internal organs.

It is more than likely a mix of the two that is helping? Fingers crossed! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Spoke to soon 😔 pain back with a vengeance. I will go and see physiotherapy people on Tuesday respite days have gone 😔


How wonderful to have found something to reduce e your back pain. 15 cups of coffee sounds a huge amount. Where you not bouncing off the ceiling !

I'd see the physio anyway. These appointments take for ever to come through and she/ he may point out something you didn't notice. I sent my son to the chiropractor because of his back pain. She noticed that although he did his bending and lifting correctly with bent knees, those knees were bending in when he went down. Becoming concious of this has reduced the pain a lot.

Are you missing the caffeine a lot ?



Yes I'm much more tired than when on the caffeine but once that wears off I should be ok MRI showed a small bend in my lower spine so maybe that could be the cause but will see what they say also my knees have been giving me pain since I had a fall in 2005 and a few since also getting them badly bruised in the rta in October ..


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