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Hi all so our distraction for tonight I got to thinkin what would ur dream holiday be like???? As crazy and far fetched as possibul the only rule is u don't have fibromyalgia in the dream xx

Mine would be a safari where I could touch an feed the animals. Their would be a warm waterfall where I could get in and just float for hours ( I can't swim lol) then we would go for a meal in a beautiful villa, and just sit and talk before walkin up into the mountains it's so beautiful the monkeys 🐒 are following us around and it's so nice an warm

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  • Mine would be sailing around the world, which is outlandish for me, I would be sea sick on a duck pond xx 😊

  • I 😍 love it xx it's good to have something to distract me tonight iv got swelling an pain at the bottom of my back tonight, how are u Lou1054 I'm not sure if we have spoken before xx

  • So what would u eat?, would u got scuba diving? Xx

  • I am ok, just the usual pain and nonsense, off to bed and hopefully sleep now xx 😊

  • Sleep well my friend xx

  • I'd go on safari to see all the beautiful animals in their natural habitats. I'd love to visit the elephant orphanage and help with those poor orphaned elephants.

  • me to

    I would love to visit Daphne Sheldrake orphanage to Kenya .Many years ago did Safari in Kenya I was just one massive jabbering wreck when among my first herd of elephants .Shook and cried so much was unable to take photos as I was so emotional.

    Hope your dream comes true one day


  • Ow that's lovely and I hope all our dreams come true one day Rose54. Xx

  • Love it an also I dream I would like to do maybe one day my friend xx

  • I think I would like my own Tardis and be able to go on holiday anywhere in time and space! lol! :)

  • Love it

    Will we all fit in


  • lol I hope so 😘 xx

  • x :)

  • Hopefully we can fit every member that wants to come along? x :)

  • Wow love that one cos I'm a big doc who fan and have all the books and things maybe we can have David tennant cos he's my fav doc, who's urs??

  • That's wonderful! I am a big Matt Smith fan myself :)

  • A balloon flight

  • A magic one? And I'm comin to lol.xx

  • I hate flying so it would have to be on a luxury train like the Orient Express and travel to see some of the wonders in our world....xx

  • Wow Trikki I love that idea we can all go together lol il bring the chocolate lol xx

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