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Too much pain due to ciática

One month with terrible pain in my back and my left leg , used all painkillers that exist ! Iam feel too bad can't sleep some body can suggest something please

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Hi Blin I'm sorry you are in so much pain at the moment. All I can suggest is to return to you doctor. Have you been referred to a pain clinic at all, if not, maybe your gp could do that for you.

I'm afraid sometimes it is very difficult to get pain under control, I myself take a lot of medication but it never really takes the pain away completely, its always niggling like a toothache pain, somewhere in my body, usually my back.

The pain clinic can refer you for hydrotherapy sessions, which help, more holistic therapy, acupuncture, CBT therapy to help you to come to terms with living with a chronic pain condition. A lot of ppl.with fibro find alternative methods of treatment more useful than medication.

Gentle excersize helps to keep moving, breathing excersize to keep calm 😉

Luv Jan xx


Sorry to hear that ,. my OH had a terrible bout of sciatica a few years ago and was almost crying with pain and he went to a chiropractor as a last resort, and it worked for him, she also did wonders for my shoulder muscle pain, worth a try ? Other than pain killers and heat pads etc not much else you can do, hope you find relief soon, take care


Hi Blin

I am so truly sorry to read this my friend and I have pasted you the link to the NHS Choices cache on Sciatica Treatments below:


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



The only thing that worked for me was Oramorph - liquid morphine.

I've had 2 severely ruptured discs and subseqent surgeries and nothing else worked for me...not even morphine tablets!


Good morning Blin sorry to hear your suffering with that awful pain. The only thing my hubby was given when he was in agony with it was trong pain killers and valium and told to basicly hang in there. I know it is painful and I do so feel for you . But it will settle down I just hope it is sooner rather than later for you. xx



I found that a tens I hope you find some relief from this. I would suggest seeing a physiotherapist for an assessment .


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