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Anxiety, getting too much!!


As I get older, am 45, I seem to be getting more and more anxiety in my life. I feel I need to have things in the go all the time and have to rush from one task to neither even when there is no rush!! I gulp drink down quick and then end up choking as drank too quick! My heart seems to pound most of the time, I grind my teeth and clench my jaw, does anyone else suffer like this and have any remedies, please don't suggest deep breathing, relaxation, etc as have tried that so many times! I also do a lot of exercise which helps at the time but am running out of ideas! Thanks Lucy kris x

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Hi Lucy have you had your thyroid checked My friend had same sort of feelings and her thyroid was over active. Just a thought, hope you feel better soon x x

Gentle Hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ManyThanks already checked that, I have under active would you believe so on thyroxine the minimum dose, nothing is easy is it? X

Hi Lucy, just wanted to say you are not alone in having anxiety! I think as one gets older one should get wiser and not get stressed! but it doesn't work like that does it. Like you I have tried all the deep breathing things and it really doesn't do any good at all for me, though I don't suffer to the same degree as you do. I think perhaps you are making too many demands on yourself, you say you rush through things when there is really no rush , so perhaps try and make a chart of things you need to do and allocate a longer period of time in which to get it done, and put your mind into making you take time, focus on it and gradually you may well find things become more relaxed for you.

You have my complete support and understanding, and I would love to be able to help you more as I know how very unpleasant this can be to love with.

Foggy x

Hi I suffer with this everyday when I get up for work my stomach is in knots and I don't want to go in, although my boss being awful at the moment is not helping. I just want to stay at home and feel safe xx

Horrible isn't it? I feels ame today, sitting at work and feel like bursting into tears, had an arguement via text with a friend I have probably over reacted to about arrangements at the weekend for our teenage sons!!

Stupid thing is I do get more down sitting at home doing nothing, but as you say you feel safe there and no requirement to face people as such x

in reply to LucyKris

Hi LucyKris, yes, I know how you feel. I have terrible anxiety/panic attacks & sometimes I have convinced myself that I am having a heart attack! Sometimes though, when I get into a state like you describe, then I use it to help me get my housework done. It's surprising how much you can get done when you've got all that nervous energy rushing around you!

I know you said that you've tried relaxation stuff, but I really do find 'mindful breathing' a great help when an anxiety attack stops me sleeping. I just concentrate on what's happening when I breathe in & out, & I count while I breathe in & then out, trying to make the counts longer with each breath. I find it helps anyway.

You could see your dentist & ask for a splint - that's what I did - I wear it at night & it stops me clenching my jaw.

My hubby would agree with you about overreacting too! He often says that I'm not my old laid back self. Don't know if it's the fibro or the meds!

Julie xxx


Hi LucyKris

I understand too, learning to cope with anxiety took a wee while but its worth the perseverance.

I have a chronic anxiety disorder spanning 20yrs and even I still have times where its difficult to control :)

I suggest having a browse at what mental health charities are in your area and also most importantly talk to your GP. ;)

Where I live there are charities like MIND, where you don't have to be referred by a doctor, that offers a whole range of services and you can call them and speak to someone who'll make an appointment for you or call in to their centre itself. There is also IAPT to which I underwent anxiety management for instance.

IAPT- improving access to psychological therapies (NHS)

tap IAPT into search engine it'll bring up links with info about it. :)

One of the best ways is to do relaxation exercises and breathing exercises to help the panic/anxiety pass

I posted a post 4 days ago titled -Relaxation and breathing exercises: an aid to ease anxiety if you fancy peeking at it LucyKris :)

Hope this info is useful and that you manage to find and get some help

Big lavender and ylang ylang fluffies to help soothe away the anxiety


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