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Scalp sweating

Hi everyone, I am 17 years old from Vietnam (very hot country)

My scalp sweating a lot ( even in a elevator). I got facial sweating but i cured it with Odaban

Scalp sweating it's very embarrassing and affecting my social life. In the winter I have an active life I like going out with my friends communicating with people, but at summer I am trying to avoid everything.

I am going to try applying talcum powder (johnson's baby) . But still looking for other solutions.

Anyone have any advises ? Like oral medication that stop sweats for a important event ( cause I don't want to use oral medication for long terms)

Will be thankful for any advise.

P/s : sorry for my bad English

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Hello duythinh, nice to hear from you from Vietnam...! :-) And I like your English very much - you wrote amazingly :-)

I feel for you, experiencing this scalp sweating in the hot Summer and I feel how it affects your usual happy activities.

First to say its very good you are searching for a positive solution. :-)

Next to say, I'm not medically qualified to give advice, but I googled your condition to see if I could find any helpful ideas.

I know you prefer not to take oral medication except for an important event.

Its excellent to explore other possibilities.

Did you already see a doctor about this? I believe it's wise to first see a doctor and discover the cause of the sweating.

You see, there can be different reasons for the sweating, which may guide you to a different solution for the sweating.

So that is what I suggest for you to do at first (if you didn't do that already). :-)

I guess you already googled on 'how to cure sweating scalp'?

You may find some articles written by Doctors with information about what foods are helpful or not, and on clothing advice and other possibilities.

I wish I could help you more :-)

I think your English is very good, and if you need any extra help with understanding an article, you are welcome to private message me and I am happy to help a little bit with the English.

I encourage you with you searches and truly wish you success and lots of luck. :-) :-) :-)

Will you let us know how you get on?

Very best wishes

Rock Rose :-)


Thanks you very much for your encouragement !

I haven't seen any doctor yet but I am thinking about hormonal test cause I have some common symptoms with hormonal imbalance

Oh and I am little bit overweight but I am already on diet and exercising :))

I already googled very much about sweating like 8 - 10 hours cause I my happiest day will be when I am finally get rid of excessive sweating, but unluckily there are only 1 - 3% people in the world with excessive sweating so there are not much information about this kind of problem :(

I will share everything helpful :))

Thank you once again !


Oh thanks too for your wonderful responses. :-) :-)

Yes, it will be the happiest day for you when you find relief from this. The good thing is you are highly motivated and taking action. :-) :-)

Also wonderful that you are eating healthy and exercising to help your weight.

I hope the Dr will help you discover whether the cause is hormonal or something else...and I hope the link to FibroAction that Ken shared will also make a difference :-)

Looking forward to hearing your news when you are ready to share with us again :-) :-)

Meanwhile all the encouragement in the world for you, every single day ! :-) :-)

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Hello again :-)

If you search on this site under 'excessive sweating' you'll find a helpful post from 2 years ago. You might find some useful ideas.

I could see its recommended to speak to your doctor for a diagnosis /cause, as I already shared :-)

In that post, other members share their experience of taking supplements of black currant oil or evening primrose oil over a number of weeks.

Again I can't give you advice, just sharing information so you can explore this more or discuss with your doctor.

I would like to sincerely wish you really good luck and success :-)

Rock Rose


Thanks you for interesting information and encouragement :)


Hyperhidrosis appears to affect quite a few people with Fibro, and it can be a stressful and embarrassing issue, and I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this.

I have pasted you a useful link to our mother site, FibroAction which hosts loads of useful Fibro information. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



Does anyone know if sweating profusely is a symptom of Fbyro as I have had it for years now and it is so embarrassing especially in the hot weather as I just melt, so I understand how you are feeling duythinh, and your English is excellent x


Talcum powder - works !

For my scalp sweating I just tried johnson's baby (talcum powder), it isn't irritating my skin, just apply it where you sweat. But I had read that it's can cause cancer if inhaled but it isn't proven just avoid to inhale it.

Give it a try!

Note: I have a really short hair (undercut) and it's easy for me to apply it on my scalp.

Today it's 27 C very sunny and I sweat like other normal person ( I used to sweat a lot when there was 20). Hope it will work when here will be 35 C (I am living in Vietnam)

Just don't give up! Try all methods. Hope it will work for you!

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i put up with excessive sweating for many years back when i had hair i put it down to having m e. my doctor suggested drichhlor which is a superstrength anti perspirant this was many years ago. these days with excessive sweating they will sometimes operate on the nearest sympatic nerve. i would not personally recommend sutch a drastic the sweating may stop itself after a time.


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