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Red cheeks and excessive sweating

Hi all ... does anyone else have problems with sweating? I often seem to have "wet patches" on my clothes under my armpits. Also frequently have bright "rosy red" cheeks ... is this part of fibromyalgia or is it just menopausal flushes? A bit embarrassing to have both of these, since people are bound to notice my glowing red cheeks. Any ideas? Xxx

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Head sweats seem to be very common with fibro ... We had a discussion about it some months ago and it was sort of decided its either fibro or the meds.... As the slightest effort can make some of us go bright red in the face and sweat from our head and necks profusely

Last summer I had a towel round my neck for large parts of the day

Welcome to the sweaty club :)

VG x


It is a bit of a problem!

I have found some cooling sprays in Boots, which I keep in the fridge and spray on my face and neck if I get hot. Evian is one, but here are cheaper ones.

I also find that an ice-cold drink helps immensely - within seconds of the first sips, I feel much cooler.

If you have an occasion coming up, or the problem is really getting you down, a drug called propantheline can be prescribed to decrease the sweating.

Moffy x



I found taking amitriptyline really aggravated sweating, so much so I was sweating evn after moderate activity, so I came off it. Morphine and certain other opiate based drugs can increase sweating as well, as for red cheeks there is a common condition called rosacea that causes redness and flushing in the face, caused by sensitive, easily irritated skin.


I've suffered from really bad sweating for years now,it's such a problem! I keep a fan in the bedroom and one downstairs and wear a lot of cotton! It's so embarrassing when goin out, I try and give myself a lot of time if I'm goin out not only because I need the time to get organised with me havin limited mobility but also trying to keep myself cool! Now I'm getting to the menopausal age it's getting worse! Oh the joys eh! Hang in there! X


I get hot flushes which make me go red and have been tested to see if I am menopausal which I'm not so assume is linked in some way to the fibro. I had one at my medical which atos said I sat through comfortably, despite the fact that on a cold February day after only being in there 2mins he had to open a window as i was so hot and red and he and my sister were obviously cold!! x


hi..rosy cheeks!!! cor blimy I have sweat dripping of my nose and down my face and neck,dripping from my hair..i must be the only person looking forward to the cold weather! x


Yep I too sweat buckets,red faced,hot,sweaty all over my face,head,down my back and my hair as its quite long gets wet at the back of my neck area,I can be fine one minute then all of a sudden it starts,my face becomes warm and gets hotter and hotter almost fainted the other day,I guess our thermostats are on the blink!!! I have only been like this for about 5 yrs,is so embarrassing especially when I am soaked to the skin all down my back,even in winter if I'm wrapped up well this happens or as soon as I exert myself,very unpleasant isn't


I sweated profusely had to change clothes 3 times or more a day had it checked they found I was diabetic and that was the cause might be worth getting checked out..I still sweat but it's normal now.just a thought.......


I get really hot and face bright red ............... and I am getting married next year so I look like an beetroot in photos ect xxxxxxxxxxxx as even walking makes me really hot x

soft and hot hugs lol


I take black cohosh, it makes it so much more bearable, the flushes are much less frequent and not so severe. Obviously check that it is compatible with other meds that you may be taking but you may feel it's worth a try.


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