Happy new year all hope you've had a good 1!!

Had great xmas was great to see my childrens little faces light up, was logans first proper xmas. but since boxing day things have rapidly gone down hill, now im stuck in spending most of my days in bed, pain is worse than ever. Just want my life back hate the fact I cant plan in advance. my daughter carolann has been great help she is 8. Also got to loose 3 stone by july for my holiday. I find i am more hungry than ever an hour after taking anytriptline even tho i will eat i big tea. Seem to get a new fibro symptom every month . Anyways hope you are all well as can be xxx

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  • Well I missed New Year, I doubled up on the Amitrips, took my newly prescribed tramadol for my foot problem(see other blog about tramadol) and I was out cold before midnight. I never heard a single firework, never woke until 2pm today, feel so lazy but hubby said I must have needed the sleep. Not slept like that in a long time lol. Xmas is such a stressful time and I think once we have muddled through that the fibro really does take full advantage. Time to be positive and remember the good bits hun like another blog on here says, remember the good bits. I am trying to lose weight myself as I need to lose another 4 stone to join the 7 I have already lost. There is a topic on called Fibro buddies I think, you shoud go take a look xxxxxx

  • How do i find fibro buddies topic? i searche it not come up xx

  • Sorry I had the title wrong, here is the link, if that does not work it is in the blogs on the home page xxxxx


  • i will take a look thank you i lost 2 stone doing slimming world but put 4 on when i had my op. I didnt see new year in either lol. My docs wont give me anymore painkillers they said they wont work so they just stopped all after few years on them no weaning of. I had quite chilled xmas but travelled to cornwall its 4 hour drive it took it out of me. How did you lose 7 stone? x

  • I just hate it when a GP stops al meds without weaning off. I did my own diet, but under the supervision of GP and nurse to make sure I was not suffering, which I wasn't. I had porridge for breakfast with chopped fresh fruit in, for me normally prunes or banana, sometimes both. For lunch I had two ryvita with philadelphia and tomato on them, then evening meal I had a plain salad, no meat or cheese or anything, just leaves, tomatoes, celery, radish, onion, chopped raw cauli, cabbage, carrots. You name itin the way fo vge etc it was in it. I also used to keep a bowl full of that in the fridge on to graze on through the day. I drank water and sugar free juices and I made fruit salads for after my evening meal. As a treat I allowed myself a chocolate bar, or ice cream once a month. I never ate after 8pm and if I wanted anythig before then I hit the grazing bowl. I also had apples and oranges in between for snacks. It is not a good diet for anyone and I would not actually recommend it as should anything go wrong for anyone it would be my fault. But that is what I am going back to tomorrow, 4 stone to go which will take me 11 stone and then I will slow it down to lose a further two stone. I should then be at 9 to 9 & 1/2 and then I will be fine. I only do it as I have other health problems that are made worse by my wieght. But I wish you luck in whatever way you decide to do it. ou could join Verygrumpy as a dieting partner xxxxx

  • Hi I am dieting I have buddiedup with KazF we plan to keep each other motivated I have had fibro for 22 years and the hardest thing is not being able to plan and the worst thing is having to accompany my son for routine appointments cos you know they are coming up so you reps and try your best to be well for it, but unfortunately sometimes you have to drag your self out and do things that you know you will feel worse for afterwards.... You are welcome to join me dieting, I haven't put a time limit on it or even set a goal for weight lost each week as I don't want to stress myself so I started yesterday and will plod on till this stone is shifted...so join with me and also gins and ozzygirl and moffy, but don't think of it as I MUST lose 3stone by July, cos that puts stress on you just say I am going to try to cut down and lose some weight

    Good luck, just look through blogs from gins next week or me this week posting about dieting and join in...


  • Thanks hunni my biggest challenge is not eating chocs at night as i feel at my worse and lonely even tho my other halfs here, Ahh time will tell i lost 2 stone in 3 months last year befor my op. I was constantly eating more i ate mo9re i lost. and had 1 "fat day" as i call it per week lol xx

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