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Well I just had a session of Reiki healing.... My first ever ... I have a totally open mind and will try anything as long as its reasonably priced ... Eg cheap.. So when I was recommended this healer at £15 an hour . I thought hmmm let's give it a pop... I have arthritis and muscle spasms constantly in neck and shoulder so thought maybe the muscle spasms my be helped...

Anyway I didn't take my morning meds so was nice and stiff when they arrived....

We has the hours session...... When we had finished they said I was one of the most relaxed people they had ever had was I laid back normally ... Yup I said ......

Anyway my shoulders and neck are just the same.... So why have I bothered posting..... I can walk...... Before the session my ankle was one big throbbing ball of pain ... Now no pain at all.... But the rest of me feels worse....

Very weird but shall see how I get on today before booking another.....

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  • Coo - impressive! It will be interesting to see how you are as the day goes on. I hope it works well, might give it a a try, but in Southampton it's likely to be £150 per hour :(

  • As a Reiki healer myself, it does take more than one session to really feel the benefit. I don't know whether you are interested or can afford it, but I was recommended to learn Reiki as I had Arthritis and Fibro. Once you are attuned you can do it yourself and on yourself. I give myself reiki at least twice a week. Hope it helps you, anything is worth a go. It is however not a cure and it is always wise to see a Gp especially if it's a new symptom. good luck

  • I can't believe anyone would charge that much Ladymoth, that is just disgusting. I don't even charge people, only if I travel to their home, and then only to cover travel costs. But to some it's a career I guess. I do it because when you give Reiki you also receive it at the same time.

  • Hi Wednesday ,

    I have had fibro 23 years and arthritis 5 so wasn't expecting any relief re the arthritis... But I thought muscles .. Lets give it a go but amazingly it seems to have helped my ankle with the worst arthritis .... Not at all what I was expecting......

    Glad you have posted will be booking another session then ...

    VG x

  • Hi wednesday,

    Alternative therapies in the South of England are very expensive - £50 upwards depending on area. It's London prices, basically, and people charge what they want. An awful lot of them are no good, anyway, tho' without a doubt some of them are very good indeed.

    Moffy x

  • I've been practising Reiki for the past 5 years, on myself and on others. You could learn the first level from a reputable teacher and then be able to do it on yourself too and a lot of people just learn this level.

    I do a short reiki session before bed each night which takes about 25 minutes and I feel totally relaxed and ready to sleep. For me it has been a good experience, the routine is relaxing, calming and gives you an excuse to have a few quiet moments whilst you do it. It's basically placing your hands on set areas of a persons body to heal.

    Does it work ? Well it did for me,however there are many sceptics out there who would laugh at the thought of doing it and say it's a have to decide for yourself.

    £150 for a session is a very high price to pay and is generally what you'd pay to learn the first level. I would recommend using someone who does it for the pleasure of giving the treatment, not someone whose doing it for a living.

    You can find reiki practitioners in your area on the UK Reiki federations site.

  • Hi, I know a woman offering Reiki 1 really cheap, I have been to her for other therapies, but she is not registered on the federation. Should I avoid or just trust her because I know her?

  • Thanks fyrefly - i will have a look at that!

    Moffy x

  • I should add that I have taught Reiki but not done so for the past 2 years. I charged £25 a session and travelled to peoples homes to carry out the treatment. If you live in the Dorset/Hampshire area a great teacher is Richard Ellis who lives at Verwood.

  • Hi,

    I am a Reiki 2nd degree and I have found lots of people find it healing when treated. More, I think, for the relaxation it gives. Sadly receiving Reki or doing it on myself has had not results.


  • Hi, I know a woman offering Reiki 1 really cheap, I have been to her for other therapies, but she is not registered on the federation. Should I avoid or just trust her because I know her?

  • That's one for you to decide ! All Reiki practitioners/teachers have insurance and are not allowed to practice without it.

    The Reiki Federation list exists so that people can be sure that the treatment being offered is carried out by someone who is registered, holds current insurance and meets all the standards required.

    You don't say what her qualifications are but unless you've taken all three levels plus the teacher level you can't carry out the 'attunements' that area necessary and you shouldn't be offering it as a service for which people pay.

  • Thanks for replying. I know she has done the 3 levels but not sure about the teacher one, I will find that out.

  • You're welcome :)

  • Sorry, should have replied to Jillylin

  • Sorry should have replied to Fyrefly

  • I trained and served as a spiritual healer when I was fit and younger, I used to work on requested visits at our local hospital.

    My fee's were........A cup of strong tea.....And £1 so I could pay for my car out of the hospital main car park.

    Distant healing was free of any charges.....even the strong tea !!!!!

    Charges for this type of healing should only cover any expences....

  • Well it's been a few hours since I had it ... My ankles throbbing again and the rest of me feels all out of whack...hard to explain .... But I feel weird and not in a good way.... Sort of trembly .. But that may be because I really overdid it yesterday ... The word pace went out the window and I forced myself to do things I knew I would regret....

  • Hi all, Ive completely finished the Reiki training course so can teach. I have a friend who does Reiki to me 2 to 3 times a week as I find that when I do it to myself it doesnt work. I do not think that Reiki can heal Fibro but I get the best hours sleep, really deep sleep, during the Reiki session. So I think it is worth it just for that. As for the cost, around here we give a donationif we can.

  • I have REIKI treatments once a week and look foreward to mine i have 90 mins and she's exhausted after but i feel great and soooo relaxed i could run a marathon but trisha also recommends using REFLEXOLOGY as a combination of the 2 and says that both work really well together.xxxx

  • Hi VGI am a Reiki Master and Magnified healer,and I was just wondering did the Reiki healer tell you that you could poss feel worse,for a while ? ( This is called a healing crisis ) It takes a few sessions to feel better to be honest! Did you also get told to drink lots of water after the session ?

    I do agree that Reiki 1 would do you good and you can either do Reiki on yourself and family...and if you feel too tired or poorly then you can send Reiki to your bed ,and it works while you sleep.

    I myself would not have got through the last few months without it. I am still very bad but I hardly take any pain killers. I mix Reiki with Crystal healing and it works for me and my Mum who is 87 also has pain relief on top of her tabs ,through Crystals and it just takes the edge off her pain x :-)

    Sending you some healing vibes hope your ankle soon settles down x ;-)

    Gentle Hugs * _ *

    Rainbow x x x

  • Thanks rainbow yes I was told to drink water and take things easy which of course I did neither as a small crisis cropped up which is why I probably did feel worse ... Gahh why can't I do as I am told.... But then we did have a small emergency

    Thank you

    VG xxx

  • Interesting topic few of us interested in alternative treatment .I am a trained healer and give healing to friends and family for free to balance the body's energy and bring with it relaxation which then helps with aches ,pains and anxiety. I see no problem with trained people charging for alternative treatments if is their way of earning a living. Training can be expensive not always possible unless it is an investment for the future.. I pay for reflexology and other treatments. This is not meant to knock anyone or their thoughts on the subject I just think we pay for meds dentist eyes why not alternative. .. Just my thoughts .

  • I did have a healing centre a few years ago and my aim was to be able to treat people who could not really afford it. We went by donstion only or as we called it majik box where you put in what you could truly afford! I was sorry when I had to give it up as the donations never covered the costs. My husband helped out with rent for 6 months but,it all got too much and my CFS and fibro was getting worse Proberbly the worry of the bills!

    I still have all my crystals and occasionally people need one or two,but I will not be able to have another one as my health is so bad now !

    I still do absent healing at no cost and world healing too. I work also with the Angels and Fairy-folk-law. When I do healing because it is in a meditation mode it also helps me at times x++I have loved chatting to you all as this is my favourite topic x :-) x

    Rainbow hugs of love and light x x x

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