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Noooo Cant believe the DLA form!!

Hi all any help would be appreciated? I have just had my new pack for DLA as I was turned down at my last appeal! Anyway now they put a form in with your pack that says if you answer all these questions then you will know if you are eligible for a claim! All the questions ask are you british and all that, then about your care en mobility en all that, at every question it will tell you after you have ticked yes or no what number question to go to then. Then at the end at question 12 if you tick NO there then it tells you `You are not likely to qualify for DLA. But if you want to make a claim, please fill in the claim form` :( Wow this is a new one they have slipped in! It says - Do any of the following apply to you 1. You need help with dialysis at home or in a minimum care unit at least twice a week where you do not receive help from hospital staff? 2. You are 100% blind and 80% deaf and you need someone with you when you are outdoors. 3. You are certified as severely sight impaired or blind. 4. You have had both legs amputated at or above the ankle, or you were born without legs or feet. 5. You are severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and need help with personal care day and night. So if this is the case then most of us wont be able to get DLA with this criteria that they are asking for!

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keep calm and don't panic..... My son and I had to renew our dla in November and January I just went and checked the guideline booklets that came with our packs .. Yes I did save them ..

I just got out the booklets and looked at question 12 and its exactly the same as you quoted in your blog.... I have arthritis and fibro my son is autistic and we both got our dla renewed indefinitely ... Neither of us have dialysis we are not blind or deaf we have no amputations or bits missing ... Though I think some of my brain has gone .. We both need some personal care help re part 5 but not as severe as stated there... So fill in your form and don't worry about question 12

Hope that has helped a bit

VG x


Thank you Very-Grumpy i have benn worried silly over it today. I will fill my form then and send it off :) x


Hello sadoldred,

If you haven't done so already, please email info@fibroaction.org as we can send out the Benefits & Work DLA guides out for free which may be of help.

Here is the website link for Benefits & Work




I also had to renew my DLA recently. I had the same questions, ticked 'no' to all of them, but renewal went through OK. so all is Ok (I think) now until 2015 when they will begin switching existing claimants onto PIP


I am very concerned about this as it indicates that either the DWP has changed the eligibility criteria for DLA without announcing so, or that the DWP or ATOS are purposefully trying to put people off even claiming when they are eligible for DLA.

I am making enquiries and raising this concern with organisations FibroAction is involved with.


Thanks Lindsey, I think it's going to put many genuine people off - the fraudsters won't be.

Thanks Sadolred for raising this, as vg said, don't let it put you off.

Do send for the benefits & work guides, they helped me get my dla back.



Yes Lindsey thats just how i see it. Funny how this is my fourth DLA form and never before have they sent this additional form. x I have the paper work if anybody wants me to fax it to them


Also I have the benefits & Work guide for filling my application in. How many people have just put the form in the bin just because of this? x


Oo that seems rather dodgy! Can they be allowed to do that? Havent seen the forms as im in the 2015 block, but its worrying turn. As if things arent hard enough already. Just ignore it and apply. Xx


I have only 20% hearing so profoundly deaf, I only have the 20% in my left ear, absolute deafness in the right ear,and you will not believe this has never been taken into account or discussed, when I applied for DLA. !!!!! I think they make it up as they go along. :(


Contact mybenefitclaim.co.uk they are specialist in this field and will fully represent you at appeal if unfortunately you were refused


Hi cjw064 will these peeps help someone from another area of the country?


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