Hello everybody

I have been getting out for regular walks both on my own and with my Dad. It is good to spend time with him. Since I gave up some of my voluntary work in January I have found a good routine. I still go to the gym regularly and go to the fibro support group which is monthly at a local church hall. I also have started volunteering at a group at our church hall called 'Timeout' which is for anybody feeling lonely with or without health issues. That is very interesting to meet new people and for me to do something new.

As I said Im enjoying walking but I find I can only walk for an hour as I get dizzy and light headed, I feel drunk and need to rest. I hope this is this the fibro and nothing else. My 81 year old Dad has more energy than me.

Take care everybody.

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  • My mother in law has mild dementia and is 87 so virtually 30 years older than me, but with more go in her little finger. Energy? I've forgotten what that is.

  • Hi Golfer15

    That is wonderful that you have found so much good work to do in the community my friend. It is more than likely Fibro causing your walking problems, but like everything else if it persists or gets any worse it would be best to get it checked out just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • We all hear you golfer15. What a lovely genuine comment. It is lovely to be able to spend time with your dad. My mum is 98 and still offers to help me. I just cringe inside. I try and walk but 10/15 min is my max at the minute. Remain as well as possible and take good care of yourself

  • Good to hear from you Mr.G......Bet your Dad is loving having more time with you...Walking for more than 15/ 20 minutes for me is a killer...Cheerio for now and take care...x

  • I would love to walk for an hour or just 10 to 15 mins. most days its more like 10 to 15 steps from chair to kitchen to make me breathless and dizzy. :P


  • It is really rewarding to be able to have this time with your dad and you are building memories too. There have to be advantages in reducing your hours and sounds like it is suiting you both.

    My aunt was well into her eighties and still baking cakes "for the old folk" even though she was one of the oldest in her group of friends!

    My spirit is very willing it is my body that lets me down! Perchance to dream......


  • Thanks for your replies. This is such a lovely group.

    I have just been to a workshop today about Highly Sensitive people. This seems to have so many links with fibro. I have put a link to an article about it. Hope some of you find it as interesting as me.


    Take care


  • Hi golfer 15, just took the highly sensitive test from the link you posted,... I scored 24.. can you please tell me where that scores on the HSP range? Thanks for your help. John.

  • Hi John, Thanks for reading this article and doing the self test. It says at the end of the test that if you score more than 14 then you probably are HSP. You clearly are one of these special people like myself and I expect most of us with fibro would be classed as HSP. I suggest you look at the 'survival guide' on the website. The main thing is to be aware of this condition and think of it as a gift not a problem. Tell others about HSP and take care of yourself.

    Keep in touch.


  • psychologytoday.com/blog/pr...

    Here is one good list of tips on how to cope with HSP and even fibro.


  • Thank you so much David, it's a pleasure to meet you. It's a very interesting subject! I was just thinking could HSP be related to hypervigilance that i suffer from, due to complex PTSD!!?? That's another thing that is to be added to my "thought Bank"! LOL 😭. Cheers David, hope we speak soon. John.

  • Hi There Golfer

    I just saw your message and understand what you are going through. The energy thing, oh my, do I understand that. Just push on and push through, but do not overdo it. Somedays I can do some 'stuff', but then three days afterwards, I am not worth much, but do some exercises (just stretches actually), every second day. I will not give up because I have so much to be grateful for. This fibro 'thing', I refuse to say I am a fibro 'sufferer' because then I loose my battle. I am much older than you, and by now, know what my limitations are.

    My very best wishes for you!

  • Hi Golfer

    I don't have Fibro but do have PMR same happens with me ,for me its when I have done too much and I need to rest .

    Glad things are working out for you .

    I guess Walk The Wight is off for both of us this year .

    Take Care


  • Shall I try it for you? I have a week there soon :P

  • Good luck I have only done the second part from Carisbrooke Castle to the Needles going up to Tennyson's monument on a very windy day thought I was going to have a heart attack but made it to the end.

    Medal collected and proudly worn .

    One thing I miss is walking about 5 miles is my limit since having PMR

    Have fun and take lots of phots I know you will.


  • Might cheat and take the bike :O

    I was at the Needles last year :)

  • I did the last bit once with school children from my wife's school. I got a medal and it was a great sense of achievement. I might do that again as it is only a couple of miles. I think I need to make the most of my energy whilst I have some.

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