I am always cold. Still wearing leggings under my jeans,don't think they will come off until summer ? Best investment ever ( after my dog and my I pad) is my electric under blanket .If I feel really poorly I will lie in bed with it on for hours. I always use it to warm up my bed (my side only) hubbie doesn't need or want. But it has soothed me,comforted me and all round made me feel better and warm too.

There are studies that show fibro patients living in a warmer climate say they are less symptomatic than those living in colder climates. The study would only be valid if the same people had moved from cold to warm or the other way round otherwise it could be argued that the people living in warmer climates were less symptomatic than others anyway.

I think? That makes sense any way I digress Heat=pain relief, heated blanket = pain relief and a welcome bed.

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  • Good morning hope you have a good day :)

  • I am always cold. I went on holiday last year to Africa and everybody laughed at me because I was still cold. I sit on a night time with thermal pjs thermal sock with big fluffy slippers and a big fluffy jumper and then put a blanket over my legs.

  • Hahaha you are so right my friend & your dog would deffo be in my bed, what a lovely little bunddle, is it a boy or girl ?.

    I lived in Spain for a few yrs & my health improved massively, i swam everyday, ate healthy & had lots of sunshine. I was able to replace my quinuine with vit c & reduced amitriptyline & pain relief was prn not 5 times a day. Ive now been back in UK for a good few yrs & i do think age tends to make arthritis & Fibro worse, i am now back on quinuine for severe cramps & Amitriptyline up to high dose & aswell as taking codiene I also have slow release pain patches. So for me this is very true but im afraid you need money to live comfortably in Spain !.

    Heat is the only thing that helps my pain tbh. Im sure if i could live in a big heated suit id be fine lol xx

  • Hi all. Aparantly people who have a 20 min session 4x a week in a hydrotherapy pool which are lovely and warm. have shown a thirty percent improval in symptoms . I happy to live near a rehabilitation neuro hospital which is private and does have a hydrotherapy pool. My GP is going to give them a call see if they need my medical history. I know I will have to pay but although that will stop any long term treatment it is defiantly worth a try.

    I used to love swimming but now get far too cold too find any enjoyment in a public swimming pool. I will let you know of success . X

  • He is a boy and such a beauty ( personality) and to look at. He is 5 now and only four months in that pic but he is still crazy. Hopping round the garden like a lamb/deer this morning

  • You just described my life, i have an electric blanket on the bed and an electric overblanket (double bed size) plugged in for when im able to sit up. Heat for me is a must, and as we live in a home with no central heating the blankets are never off

  • im the same,but only since having fibro,thats one. of the first thing i notice the cold never been like. It before suzey X

  • Yes I have my thermal tights on under my trousers. I am either frozen or boiling never anything in between. Unfortunately our lounge never gets the sun and I can't wait to escape to my bedroom that does. I too have an electric under blanket best thing I have bought in years. Still working on the dog bit, lol.x

  • Hi rosewine. My house is too old for wall insulation and like you my lounge is freezing,no sun on that side and big oak trees blocking what may be there. Over recent months I go upstairs for several hours to ( do my physio exercises) 😉💤) when really am snuggling fully clothed. Husband decided I am hibernating. X

  • Look physio is supposed to warm you up, lol. I now literally live for Spring. We have converted our garage into a room and hubby has his fish tanks one end and I have a settee. I went over last night put the oil fired radiator on full and snuggled under a blanket with a hot water bottle and read my book, bliss. Trouble is I have to go back out in to the cold to get back to the bungalow.x

  • Hi 1Dog1Kid ,I'm sorry it's cold as I'm in the US and we are to be up to 80 degrees in a few days and have already been.....sending you some warm weather from across the pond! ! Take care. Peck 🐤

  • Hi peck,if only you could grab some handfuls of sunshine..the hot kind and fling them my way will gladly sit here with my mouth open fish like ready to recieve, does heat help you too peck?

  • Hi 1Dog1Kid ,No I don't like hot weather it actually makes me feel worse and humidity is unbearable. I spoke with my pain doctor about it and he said he has a few patients like that and I'm one of them, I just prefer the cold doesn't cause me pain or very little pain.Peck 🐤

  • Hi 1Dog1Kid

    I am so truly sorry to read that you are feeling so cold, and I sincerely hope that some milder weather is coming our way. There are studies that show the further you move away from the equator the more prone we are to illnesses such as MS and Fibro. This is believed to be related to the amount of sunlight we receive and hence lower vitamin D rates. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Can we do a trial? Get funding? Move somewhere warm n dry, and report how better we feel? Pleeeease? Sign me up! Winters are way tooo long these days and even with the heat on, it's nothing like having sunshine and real warmth.

    Dunno what's wrong today, sun is shining from early, the heat is on, I'm wrapped up cosy and my hands are still freezing.

  • Me too, I'm coming with you. Don't care when or how long. How could we get the trial,going? Massage therapy and warm pools too hey . Only dreaming but it is such a very nice thought. Xx

  • This should be compulsory on prescription 😀 . On holiday last year in Portugal, lovely and hot, my eldest sent me on holiday to hopefully help my symptoms and it did. 😀

  • Absolutely. Whatever works for you. I do the same. I have a tog 15 duvet, and a leccy blanket. If all is not well, bed is the best relief. Trouble is it stops you being active.

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