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New to this group and I would welcome any advice on preparing for my next dental appointment - am still in pain since the last one last week and have to have another injection, drill out and fixing of a huge filling - and am dreading it now. Its the first dental work I have had done since my fibro emerged fully fledged early this year. Tx

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  • Doesn't sound good your still in pain from last week. I would get dentist to check for infection. They can prescribe anti biotics and painkillers.

    I fell in December and snapped off three top front teeth! I have a brilliant dentist after a lifetime of being terrified of them! My son and wife have swapped to him too.

    You can have an anaesthetic spray pre the anaesthetic injection if you mention it. Also they can inject more gently and slowly if you mention it to them.

    Personally my fibro hasn't made it worse. In fact learning to use Mindfulness has helped, making me more relaxed and calm.

    Best of luck


  • Thanks Patrick - I did some meditative breathing as she was drilling - definitely helped but I notice I was much more sensitive to all the procedures. And the lingering pain in all my teeth is jangling badly still. Will chat through it more next time - it took me a bit unawares. Ann

  • Hi Ann, glad you made it through it! It's not there fault but dentists do it day in and day out and become numb to things. Chatting to them and letting them know how you feel is a good idea. I used to take a Diazipam and a couple of painkillers before going but I'm so lucky with this guy. He's a 6'2"" South African Gentle giant. His wife works the reception and it has a family feel but he's a gadget freak so it's got all the latest gear.

    Hope it's all settled down now. You'll feel good for gettiing it all dorted😁

    Patrick x

  • Morning jannh, I have the dentist at 2pm today fillingd to my dentist is aware of my health issues been going to sameone for yrars she always uses more numbing injection stuff then for most patients as with so many painkillers it takes more for some reason to numb me , try explaining to your dentist if you have not already good luck today im not looking forward to this afternoon its a half hours appointment, i feel like telling her to jtst take them all out save any more treatment lol.

    Wishing you a pain free day as possible

    Loraine x

  • Hi loraine, iam exactly the same as you! I need double the amount of anaesthetic than the average person, witch i can't explain! Iam the same with pain meds! Maybe the pesky fibro is the cause! John.

  • Hi john , my dentist thinks it is because we take so much pain relief we are imunne the stuff that they use to numb us, luckly i didnt need a injection just a wee filling. I'm back next week and thats me for another 6 month and I was at the podiatrist last week so that's my mot done for a wee while, lol

  • Hi loraine, your dentist might be right, but iam not sure! The jury is still out i that one!! My next appointment is not till June, so get a little break!! It's funny again that you mentioned going to see your podiatrist, as i just emailed one earlier to make an appointment!! What's going on??Lol! It's a absolute scandal we have to go private with this " health" issue!! Don't you think? Especially when most of us are on limited budgets!! Thanks for replying! John.

  • Hi jannh, the same thing happened to me a month ago. I broke a filling in my wisdom tooth. The dentist re-filled it for me. It took about 30 mins to do because of it's situation. When he was done he said that this filling was the deepest he had ever gone! Also he told me because it was so close to the nerve i might get pain from it in the future, and if that happened i would probably need to get it removed! So a week later I started to get bad pain, so i went back to the dentist and he gave antibiotics and told me that i would have to get the tooth extracted, but I had to go to the hospital to get it removed because it was to complexed for him to do it! I got the tooth removed 3 weeks later with no problems. To try and reasure you, i Always think to myself just before my dentist appointment, the only pain that i will feel is the injection, witch only lasts for 2 seconds!!! And you can ask for extra anaesthetic to help your anxieties about feeling pain! I really hope I've helped you rather than scare you even more! Good luck with your appointment today! John.

  • Thanks John - I going on Monday and may ask for a little extra time between the injection and the drilling as it was a bit too soon the last time - and she did offer an extra jab which I will accept this time - the worst pain came from when she was doing the impression as she had to press the mould in really hard - its seemed to jangle every nerve which hasn't gone away even after 8 days. A

  • Hi jannh, i think your like Lorraine and myself that needs that little bit more anaesthetic! Because if the dentist starts her work and your still feeling pain you definitely need extra "juice"! Don't be shy and tell her and she will listen!! Even with the impressions you shouldn't feel, just pressure and definitely not nerve pain!! So my advice is to make sure you get double the normal anaesthetic and make sure she waits for plenty of time for your mouth to freeze properly!! Some dentists can be very impatient!! Hope it all goes well on Monday. Iam sure it will. John.

  • Hi JANNH

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your last dentist appointment, and I truly hope that your next one goes better fro you. I can see that you have been given some amazing replies and advice so I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Many thanks for the welcome - I have found the site and this forum very supportive so far and very funny as well - what more could I ask for! Apart from a cure for fibro of course. x

  • Hi Jannh welcome to our lovely forum as ken (TheAuthor) has already mention the mother site might be very useful for you it is very information and gives you a lot of information on fibro.

    Good luck on your journey my friend

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