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Neuromuscular Dentist

Hi Everyone,

I said I would get back to you. Had my appointment yesterday, drove 162 miles, that's how desperate I am! Mind you I went up Sunday and stayed over night, so it wasn't so stressful.

I saw Luke Smith, I was in his surgery for fifty minutes, he examined me, did some xrays and asked me a lot of questions. He told me that my bite was misaligned, and so pulling my facial muscles in a direction they don't want to go and so causing pain in my jaw, neck, shoulders and temples. A brace is the treatment apparently.

Because of the geography, he has referred me to a colleague at The London Sleep Centre, Karina Patel. I got a call this morning, just got to make an appointment now.

Hope this is interesting for you.

Luke Smith works on Spalding, and Kings Lynn. X

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It must be a relief to finally get some treatment which will help with the pain and hopefully get rid of it, make the appointment for as soon as you can and good luck xx

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That sounds like a result so worth your trip. I am just debating whether to find a dentist as since the fibro I get periods of very sore, aching gums for no reason last perhaps a week or 10 days and then goes. I know I grind my teeth and have had alotof stress lately with deaths in family, brother in law ill and the dreaded PIP assessment but it seems to be going on too long. Do hope the brace works for you and the person you have been referred to an help. Keep us posted.x


Hi Funkyfaerie

Thanks for the update and I am delighted that it went well for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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Well done.

You must be exhausted and completely wiped out now but relieved to know exactly what the problem is and the fact that you can actually do something about it - it's almost like winning the lottery (if I could be bothered to buy a ticket, remembered to play and actually won!)


It was worth the journey and we had a bit of a day out at Ely on the Sunday.

He is referring me to a colleague at The London Sleep Centre, Karina Patel.

Just have to see how much it costs now or I might need that winning ticket too! 😊

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How did you find this dentist Ff ? Glad it's working out for you



I was just searching to find an answer to my jaw clenching and pain. Found loads in US and Australia, but luckily this guy studied there and I just mailed him and he called me, he seemed to want to help.


Hiya really pleased for you. Must be reassuring to know that it can get sorted. Keep me posted please as I may need to go down the same road xx


That all makes sense. Great news!!


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