Pip a joke

Just been turned down again on mandatory reconsideration. I sent a gp report then sent a report of diagnosis from hospital 2 days later. 3 weeks on they still didnt havehospital report. Excuses all the time about a problem in the mail room. They said they would wait till they got it scanned on system b4 making decision. But no they went on ahead and turned me down again. I think it very unfair. The government that appointed this firm has them well told get as many turned down as possible, even attacking the genuine. I hate how another human thinks they can play god over another human. Were all on this earth together but money although its a necessity is the ruination of the world. Sorry for rant but disgusted at the way some things are handled on this planet. GRRR


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12 Replies

  • Sorry to hear this. It is disgraceful.

  • So sorry you have to go through this, don't give up as that's what they want, take it to tribunal with as much evidence as you can, A lot get it turned around at tribunal, best wishes with it xx

  • Hi Itsme16 , Sorry you have been thru so much.I do not like to see my fibro friends having to go thru such BS!! I hope you have a lovely evening. Peck.🐤

  • Hi itsme16, im so sorry that you are having such a hard time with pip , did you see the post about royal mail being employed by pip to open the mail for them , no wonder things go missing, it was only the other week there was a big post about it , I will see if I still have it as , it was either on the news or in a news paper that someone had seen this and posted about it,

    You see people on tv programme who get away with it overand over making false claims but genuine people are the ones who are treated like criminals as we dont know how to work the system .

    It terrible what they are doing and the last thing we need with our condition is stress, I do hope that you get something sorted out soon ,

    Good luck

    Loraine x

  • This is terible what they are doing with this pip they are targeting ill people thinking with them been ill they wont fight but as we are in constant pain 24/7who are they to say how we feel they have no idea huni so keep fighting and you will win in the end these people are not drs good luck xxc

  • I am applying again turned down twice already but only because my doc and wife have pushed me. If I was on my own I think i would have given up due to the stress and anxiety so yes they probably think we will roll over and leave them alone.

    I also have fnd + some other issues if the turn me down this time I might well ask them who the hell they think will employ me trust me I would love to work again instead of being ill like this.

  • Yes you do have to stand up to these people as they get a big bonus for every benefit they stop.

    Who are they to play god anyway.

    Good luck with it xxxxc

  • Hi Itsme16

    I really am genuinely sorry to read that you got turned down again my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi itsme16 I really think it is terrible that sick people have to be targeted like this. We go through so much and then the stresses that it add on to us when we have to fill out the forms for the pip. Then a lot of people get turned down and have to go through more stress to fight for what they are entitled to. Part of all this is because of all the people that were not ill and claiming benefits that they were not entitled to. Like you it really makes me angry 😡. Please don't give up I know it can be difficult but please fight for what you are entitled to. Because like the others say that is what they want you to do. When you think about it it's all about money to them and what they can earn out of it if you get my drift. The more they turn down the more money they get!!!!! It is absolutely disgusting. Keep fighting my friend we are all behind you. Take good care of yourself and don't let them win. Jan101 👍👍 xxxx

  • I think at the end of the day we are to honest the lady I know who suggested I claim for pip in the first place gets a nice sum from pip how I don,t know or understand because lets just say I would give my right arm to be as fit has she is. Sorry for the rant good luck don,t give up.

  • Hi I've just been reading your post have you had a good outcome from this or is it still ongoing ? X

  • Hello I've also just read your post interested how far you have got I'm waiting for mandatory decition at the moment x

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