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Battlefield Acupuncture

I wandered if any members had any exprerience with this type of acupucture as at this moment in time I am going through a detox from Tramadol, it is like hell on earth but I am determined to do this, as I am sick to death of the constant side affects, like bowell impaction etc, all the things the GP's forget to tell you when they are pushing pills in your direction. I have chosen to try this more holistic approch to my pain, I have had accupuncture on many occassions through my local NHS pysio department but they don't offer this particular type of therapy so really just trying to find some reccomends from others that may have had this treatment. Just looking for reassurance I guess, cheers.

Thanks fo reading in advance

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Hi sunrise, you're a bit on the early side hehehe 😉😉

I'm afraid that due to a blood clotting disorder I am not allowed to have acupuncture of any description. I quickly whacked it into my search engine and there seems to be a lot of information on it out there if no one from here has had it, which I hope won't be the case and that you get the support and information to help you 😀😀

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way 😀😀

Foggy x


I had never previously heard of this but Battlefield Acupuncture is a form of acupuncture whereby needles are stuck into the ear to reduce pain. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with this if you decide to give it a go.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Helps with relaxation, sleep and general pain levels. Would think it could be very useful for you just now, also known as auricular accupuncture.


There is a method of pain relief called Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation or TENS for short and some people, including myself find it very beneficial. The equipment can be purchased from pharmacies or over the net. It needs a little anatomical knowledge to site the electrode pads and the main logic is to intercept the pain signals between where the pain starts from and the spinal cord. It is often called electronic acupuncture as it stimulates the production of endorphins in a similar manner to acupuncture without breaking the skin. It has been used for phantom limb pain, birthing pains and many other conditions with some success. It does need perseverence as no two anatomies are identical but I use it in preference to swallowing pain killers for peripheral pains. A basic kit costs around £30 to £40 and you will need spare electrodes if you find it works for you. p.s. you can avoid most skin irritation if you can get relief by moving replacement electrodes marginally. Saves travel time and costs so may be more economic! Good luck.


thank you Ken,Foggy and Shazzy for your kind support I will let you know if I find a therapist in my area that can help with this kind of accupunture

andMike thanks, I do have a TENS machine which I wouldn't live without I'm trying to find some alternative more holistic remedies for my conditions I have got to the stage where I have made a decsion to remove all strong pain meds from my "diet" I am now entering a withdrawal programe and it's one of the hardest things ever but I remain resolute this why I'm looking at battlefield accupunture the american airforce use it all the time they in fact train their pilots to perform it on each other because if they have certain drugs then they have to remain grounded hence the use of accupunture no grounded pilots it all makes great sence will keep you informed

Thanks again


Hi go for it its great, I have it and although it is not a long term result any respite is goog,

Bye for now good luck love A xxx


hi, Annabell do you mind me asking where abouts you are because i'm still trying to find an accupunturist that performs this type of therapy!

thanks for your reply it's very reasuring xx


Hi I am in Sheffield but the place I went to is now closed they moved and I am sorry I didn't find out where she went. Just try the internet I am sure you will find one. Hope your day is not too bad.

Where do you live

By for now love A xxx


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